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  1. Wesley

    Thank you Adam for fixing the discepancy. 😀

  2. Jed

    How old are you, and what age group of women are you able to date and prefer?. Do you engage women 10 or 20 years younger than you or the same women your age. I am about the same age as you, by the way, and like younger women, and usually have no problem meeting them in person. On line is more difficult.

    • AdamGilad

      Im in my very very very very very late 20s. That’s what I tell women, anyway.

      Funny story — i met a 23 year old girl last year in downtown LA and I was flirting with her, teasing her etc – she was very smart and very cute. She stopped and said, “you’re funny.” I said thank you. She said, “you should date my mom.”

      When I stopped crying inside (about 1/2 a second, but what a 1/2 a second!) – I said – “you’re really more my age range.”

      She turned beet red!

      We talked a little longer — and I shit you not – it turned out I DID DATE HER MOM! 10 years ago! Great lady, too. Met her online when I was visiting another city. God I love online dating.

      I have no problem engaging women in their young twenties as potential lovers when I’m dating. None at all. In fact, I have a whole program coming out on that in January 2013. The key is to always maintain your dignity as a man of experience and to make sure that you keep her good in mind. You are responsible for her safety, her growth and her experience as an older man – and you can deliver those and have a wild erotic experience all at the same time.

  3. Mike


    Thank you for reading this. My question is for what you said about woman around 25 and up liking “good men with a bold edge”. I completly understand that. My problem is that I’m 24 and going to college. Most of the ‘kids’ in school are 5-7 years younger than me. How am I suppose to act around them? I notice that I get more attention from older woman than younger. Honestly, I rather date woman younger than me.

    Thank You!

    • AdamGilad

      It’s a bit vague this question but the BOLD answer of course is – act as YOU WANT TO ACT! Act as a man forging his own life out of the raw materials before him. Those who will be inspired by you will be inspired. Those who are intimidated or turned off will vanish. And you will be left with people who support your mission and energy in life.

      Make sense?

  4. Ambrose

    Hello Adam,
    Thanks for all you do to help the men of this world step up and be men.
    I have a concern about dating that seems a little off the wall to me.
    I know what I want in a women, and a lot of women, especially in their 20s
    like I am, just don’t have the maturity I’m looking for. I feel like I’m using a woman
    if I begin dating her knowing she isn’t what I am really looking for.
    What seems to end up happening is that I become chronically single for a while
    and then I lower my standards, and or build a women I have met up in my mind
    to the point where I do become the bumbling Mr Nice Guy with her lose her right
    away. I don’t have this problem when I am with beautiful women that are on my level.
    But I really don’t meet to many of them. I am worried that I am missing out on a
    lot of life by being picky, but also that I am not learning how to manage a relationship.
    I don’t want keep the viscous cycle going. What do think my next Bold Step should be?

    • AdamGilad

      I think you know my answer – join the Boldness Code with me over the next 10 weeks.

      That seems obvious.

      Beyond that – this was a hard lesson for me to learn – but being 100% HONEST UPFRONT cleans up 90% of the problems you will have dating.

      If it’s not someone you know you will see for a long time – say, “I’m in a dating phase right now. I’m not looking for commitment at all. But I really like spending time with you and if that’s cool with you, let’s have fun together. There’s a movie I think you’d like….” and move into a discussion of all the ways you can have some fun. This short-circuits the cruel cycle of women hoping for a deeper connection with men who don’t want anything more than spending fun time together.

      And do avoid those “viscous” cycles – they can get gooey. Stick with vicious cycles. They are simpler.


    Man it is too expensive for me.
    I am disabled.
    Do you have special prices for us guys?
    I could pay perhaps $97, no more.
    Thank you for your webinar, it was good stuff.

    D. Balotic

    • AdamGilad

      Please write to – and tell them I sent you and ask them. They will help you.

  6. Joe

    Hi, great seminar man. Now I know why this 10 at my work is so much into me. Since day one, she gave me a double take, and only said hi to me when she saw me. All the other guys said what about us? Killer man, Loved it. She came over to me, sat down, and we chatted for 20 minutes, no dead silence. I have playfully teased this girl so much, I have hugged her, and tried to let go twice, and she just hugged me tighter. When I backed off, I looked her straight in the eyes and she was smiling ear to ear. I took my hand and placed it on her cheek, and slowly turned her head towards me. She was ready to be kissed, and still is. However I was at work at the time, and I have to be careful. I keep teasing her, and now I am at the point I can call her brat, and playfully punch her in her arm. The next time she saw me, she said hi to me in the most sweetest voice she could muster up, and was had such a big smile on her face too. I remember something different happened once, I saw her eyes light up when she saw me, and she was licking her lower lip, while looking at me. If you get a chance to read this message. I had a question for you? She once left her cell phone on the table across from me, and left and looked at her phone, me, she did this three times? I never touched her phone. Was this a test of trust? or was this cue for me to enter my number into her phone? Did I make the right move? Thanks mill your awsome

    • AdamGilad

      Great story, Joe.

      My opinion on that – you did right by respecting her phone and her privacy.

      I once kicked a girl out of my house at 1 in the morning when I awoke to find her going through my messages!!!!

      Bold means bold integrity as well.

      Good luck with Miss Lip Licker.

  7. Keith

    Wow love the seminar, looking forward to viewing it

  8. Tony

    When does the tele-class start?

  9. hassan

    Amazing information ; and that too free of cost ; is Breath taking – Thanks Adam !

    You are amazingly intuitive –

    • AdamGilad

      Thank you Hassan. It sometimes baffles me. Of all the skillsets I have collected or pursued down the years – they all seem to converge right here on this topic – how to live with a sense of adventure – and how to enliven and delight women along the way. It beats being a Urologist. For example.

  10. Amalay

    I couldn’t access it.

  11. Roger

    Hi Adam. Do these techniques work even if women would have known you before for years?

    • AdamGilad

      It’s a great question, Roger. Women LOVE seeing the change in men. Nothing shocks them and enlivens them more than seeing a man grow out of worminess, or wishy washy beta behavior. It is exhilarating to see a man take on the heroic center of his life and stop worrying about what “society” or any outside force thinks. That’s why we love movies – the hero steps out of stasis, takes the wheel and treats life as the absurdly expansive and colorful adventure it can be.

      IF — you choose it.

      That said – she may be shocked at first. During the Sexual Escalation Training in the Boldness Code – I’ll talk about how to transition with a girl who you’ve been friends with. To see if you can transform the relationship to a more romantic or erotic one. Sometimes the door is open and she’s been waiting. Sometimes not. I once had a girl – who I thought was untouchable bc she seemed like an angel upon the Earth – say to me when we finally connected sexually – “I’ve been waiting for you for 4 years!”

  12. Lee Lewis

    Hello Adam, I have been reading your newsletters and checking out your stuff for quite some tie now and its been great. Let me get to my question: What can I do to truly and permanently bring out the sexy, fun, courageous, bold man that I know deep down I am? Thank you Adam and I wish you the best in all your adventures. I know I will be having fun amazing adventures with women as well.

    Lee Lewis

    • AdamGilad

      Hey Lee – that’s the same question I asked myself when I first got single and didn’t feel like any of those things. I have four quick answer to that: (1) put yourself on a boldness diet – hang around with and model bolder people – either that you know, from film, from biographies (Richard Branson, Andrew McCarthy, Tim Feriss) (2) immediately do something that frightens you – physically, emotionally whatever – start pushing your edges – I will be giving assignments during the Boldness Code TeleTraining Course. (3) realize that its choice by choice -you recreate your life with every breath. You are not limited by who you have been in the past. If we lived like that, we’d still be living in trees. (4) Duh – join me for the Boldness Code Teletrainings — we are going to cover EVERY aspect of your life with women – but of course – if you read my 21 laws – you already know that we will go deep into the man you are when you are not with women as well. It’s all one piece! See you there.

  13. Anthony


    Ive tried to oder the boldness code on the 3 month payment plan 5/6 times but your site gives me error code 2217. How do i buy it?

    • adam

      hey Anthony – check your e-mail. You’re all set.

    • AdamGilad

      Hey Anthony – it’ll be a pleasure to have you aboard! Write to support@adamgilad and they will help you!

  14. Miss the second webinar.

  15. Brian

    I spend alot of time on walking trails, and want to be able to connect with women who are enjoying the outdoors.
    My experience with being bold with women in outdoor settings has NOT been successful. The problem I see is the safety and trust factor. How does a man gain that trust in that settting, without coming across as ‘dangerous’ or creepy? Is there something else that I can do to be bold in this environment?

    • AdamGilad

      Brian – yes – it can be very frightening for a strange man to confront her or approach her out in nature out of view of others. You MUST always remember that when it comes to women, their safety must always come first. It’s one of the chasms men have to jump over to understand – just how unsafe women can feel in the dark, unlit streets, parking lots and in nature. So your instinct is right. The best way? Have friends. That shows you are not a lone wolf. Next best, have a dog and talk to her dog. Other than that – you will be viewed with a modicum of suspicion. One of the most useful principles of The Boldness Code – if you remember from the webinar is to “boldly penetrate” her world – which is really just a fancy way of saying cultivate deep com=passion (the latin means “Feel with”) If you want to connect with women (or anyone really) – make the effort to “feel the world with” her — to see it from her eyes. That’s why standing beside her and looking out together (rather than con-fronting her) is more amenable way to connect. Two people looking outward together. Comment on the beauty of what you see…

  16. Pete

    Adam, what are a few of your fav text messages to send a woman you are desiring to go out with? i.e., or may have been out with her once? this recorded format was much, much better technical delivery than the live webinar.. keep it simple delivery.. many, many thanks. We appreicate it more than you know.. Happy Holidays..Pete

    • AdamGilad

      Hey Pete — thanks for your kind note. I love this work. Not only experimenting with and enjoying the girls (plus I get a tax writeoff for all that!) – but also watching you guys succeed.

      As for texts – it depends on the girl and the situation. Humor is key on text. We will be doing a whole Training on text/IM and phone – and I’ll probably bring in David Wygant for that session since he and I compare notes all the time and he has some outrageously bold text ideas. Texts are for keeping them “warm”, keeping them laughing — remember – when they check their text – you are taking them on a little vacation from their daily drudgery. It’s a way to anchor happiness into their life associated with you, you, you. Definitely join the Boldness Code Inner Circle for the ten weeks and I’ll give you more specific ideas in the daily Q and A forum!

  17. t

    Do you recommend as most that if you r friends,
    (she is actually my employee…but won’t be forever)
    that the best/only way to escalate is to stop the friend ship
    for some amount of time…i think she sees me as fun and bold but
    never touches me/ but does invite me to do things with her
    what just curious, most of the dating advise seems to be for
    in cities, most of the people I know have worked for me
    or are my customers as i run restaurants in a small town
    age 38 attracted to 20-25

  18. dwfreeman

    Really excellent material. Have been using some with great effectiveness.

    • AdamGilad

      Excellent. There’s more where that came from!

  19. Ken

    Thanks for the interesting webinar Adam.

    All your examples of what to say and do when and where are great…..however I find I have a problem remembering these lines and pulling them out of the ether when it is time. I understand that ideally this type of thing would become second nature…but it isn’t that way. What would you recommend?

    Another point. I have lived with a woman for 2.5 years – we do a lot together and there is a lot of hugging and mild kissing and occasionally mild petting, but she won’t let it go any further. I have tried being the bold alpha escalating things but she retreats quickly and I am constantly frustrated. I can’t seem to let go.. in fact I am completely enamoured of her. I keep telling her that she is going to have to move out, but she won’t.

    Any course on how to get over a deep love/infatuation and move on without going crazy? Or on how to move her my way?

    • AdamGilad

      Yeah it’s a good point.

      My approach here, Ken is to give you some key responses and openers, but the REAL goal is to get you practicing and repeating so that this becomes NATURAL and SPONTANEOUS to you. The only way to do that is to practice over and over and immerse yourself with people who are doing the same. It’s like anything. Like learning a sport or a language. That’s what I did when I started dating. I had NO idea what I was doing. But I learned consistently and read everything and found great teachers. Pretty soon – the student becomes the teacher becomes the master. BTW – check out Robert Greene’s new book, MASTERY on that – it’s a bit long for the amount of content inside. I could have edited out 100 pages. But the lessons and stories in there are good.

    • AdamGilad

      Holy shit. Hold on. You have a girlfriend for 2 years – and she will make out with you but nothing more? Is this a roommate? Or a girlfriend? Because its NOT a girlfriend. You and I seriously need to talk!

  20. Balint

    Hello Adam
    This webinar was truly awesome and I loved it. Too bad for the technical difficulties but I’m a performer and I had the same experience before so I completely understand. At the beginning of the webinar you were talking about connecting a woman’s inner beauty with her outer beauty. What do you mean by that?

  21. monroe

    how to turn a friend into a girle friend

    • AdamGilad

      Yup. Grab a seat. We will cover that a dozen different ways. Since it’s such a challenge for so many people.

  22. zeke

    hahaha.. i did that last night at a friends house.. i was BOLD hard core…
    so this friend of mine was talking to a “employee” that came over and
    told her her and I were in the tub together with her dog.. so conversation goes on
    and we are talking about working out, eating , weight loss… just a shit load of stuff..
    i was controlling the conversation… she (the other women) was 20 years younger
    than me… found out she had a dog.. well where i live, there are lots of couples here with
    dogs.. and they have them cause the men dont; want kids so they get thier wifes/gf’s
    a dog and in some cases 3 dogs.. .so anywhys .. i find out this women has a dog.. i make
    a comment to her , saying do you have kids?? she says No, then I ask her why??
    no real reaction.. .. anyways today the friends house I was at… she FREAKS at me..
    says it not acceptable to ask that question .. any way she gets pissed at me tonight and tells me
    to leave… you know what.. as far as I see it , i did fuck all wrong.. but she thinks i did..
    just thought I would share…women are fucked…

  23. David

    Thanks for an engaging presentation Adam

    I have several queries:
    Can you briefly confirm the type of training involved – is it e.g. a web-supported course with email and probably BB comms??

    How useful might this course be to a mature-aged man reworking old skills in modern times!?

    • AdamGilad

      Hi David…

      The trainings will be by phone – plus there will a web element – some film clips and demonstrations — and of course, the daily Q and A page where I’ll give you video answers and written – to any questions anybody may have. If it helps, I’ll do demonstrations with young ladies. I know, tough job. And yes, by the way – it’s PERFECT for a man of experience. Remember – the more years you have on you p the more women expect you to know yourself and project yourself with boldness and self-assurance!

  24. Kevin

    What days of the week will the sessions be held? What time of the day will the sessions be held?

    • AdamGilad

      Hey Kevin — Tuesdays and Thursdays – 6pm PST – we may shuffle a few of them – and add a few surprise sessions. Some well known gurus have contacted me and asked if they can pile on – they have stuff they want to share about BOLD dating practices… Don’t forget – all the calls are recorded and sent to you – plus you get a written PDF so you can read it at your leisure. And again again – you’ll be able to mail me any questions you have and I’ll be answering them personally….

  25. Bold Boy

    I really wish – You could Teach us the same Boldness in our Business Life as well & un-code the intricate process step by step towards becoming a BOLDER BUSINESS GUY who provides Financial protection as well as providence to his desired women – I mention this since , financial instability is the major stumbling block which I perceive as impeding Men from attaining the BOLDNESS for Ravishing the Laudable Ladies –

    Thanks !

  26. Larry

    Hi Adam
    Watched both days when it crashed. Good stuff, worth waiting for.
    So watched everything you put forward and it makes sense.

    So I have a special problem.
    2 yrs ago met a recent widow, she was a 12 out of 10 to me. Intelligent, bright, full of humour, caring, kind and as a bonus has a body to kill for. Purposely angled myself into the “Friend Zone” out of respect for her grief and need for space. Okay, I was entranced and wanted to be around when she came out of her “shecave”.

    As you say, attraction happens in 2 seconds, by the way, I have humour, tact, double entendre abilities and have somehow made women of my past become addicted to me. Many old loves are still friends and part time lovers.

    Anyway, over this time she has started to enjoy the attention of the other guys out there who could see her value.
    Far as I know she was groovin on the movin but held them all at arms length.

    Been the friend, not overly but supportive and a bit cocky but caved to helping her.
    Couldn’t just walk away. she is just so special.

    So finally I sense she is healing, actually going to spread her husband’s ashes this Christmas.
    Can I overcome this self inflicted friend zone parody by using your techniques?

    Should I say something like ” hey Girl, Want to say goodbye as your friend. Cause from now forward I am going to come after you like a runaway freight train, as I think you are almost interesting?”

    Can you come up with a better line/approach?

    What should my timing be. We have a mutual friend that has invited us both separately to a party on the 22nd.
    Subsequently, she asked me to Boxing Day party at her place with her family (out of province) as well as our mutual buddy and probably some others of the group. Some of whom are also enchanted by her. How can I beat them all out. Really need help here.

    Been a Wuss on purpose but deep down knew she needed space and time. I can tell you I am no guru but am aware of the power of what you and others have been able to teach.

    Straight up! I am 66 and she is 60. But hey dude anyone I have met will immediately think either of us are in the early to mid 50’s.

    Help please if you can

  27. Larry

    Hey Adam
    re previous email from me re widow
    I have been dating other women during this time. Still see her and dance with her at the clubs, drive her and deliver her home. we have had some very close dances where she presses against me. thought that was a valid addin.

    Also totally honest to you, I can’t afford to sign up for your programs, no money out of work. Just wanted you to know up front.

    If you still choose to give advice I would appreciate it.

  28. mike

    I would like to be invited to your webinar

  29. felix

    thank you adam, you are unique but, please do not end the program to soon.

  30. Arnold Cohen

    you’re great – but where can I read the 21 laws of boldness?

  31. Great Webinar. For me, it’s got to slightly be the Baldness Code, but women like that. I’ve also found online is more difficult with younger women, but am getting slowly better. Quite a few takeaways from this.

  32. Xavier

    Hi Adam.
    You say the course is by phone? Participants have to be from the States, then…

    • adam

      Hi Xavier,

      You can call in via skype, and you can also listen via a webcast as well – so if you’re international, you can still participate.

  33. David Hinterberger

    Hi Adam, I watched the entire webinar but unfortunately cannot afford to sign up for your online class right now due to very limited income. However, I do have a question: You said that #4 in your bolness steps is to ask for permision to kiss her, but cautioned that she might say no, perhaps because she doesn’t feel comfortable with you yet. So what happens if she says no-what’s your next step? Do you keep bantering again and then ask again later? An answer ASAP would be appreciated.

  34. Eric

    I’m not getting any sound on this.

  35. romano

    Hi Adam,

    Many thanks for the webinar, there’s some great and fresh insights there. However, I’d suggest to skip knocking other pua’s (man with the hat). There’s lots of ways to get the kitten, so whatever works is good.


  36. Dear Sir,

    Please text me tomorrow before the webinar. I am asking you to do this because I would appreciate being reminded about it. You see my disorder that I told you about causes me to sleep in as well as forget some facts a also. I small looking forward to hearing from you early this mourning. Thanks for your cooperation.


    Scott Prosser

  37. Carl

    Adam; Really liking the boldness code and incorporating into my game, I would love to purchase your product but unfortunately can’t afford it at this time.

    Awesome content, Thank you

  38. Yeah, I understand the lightness and fun attraction it makes sense. Personally I think this is the next level thinking and I’m keen to project this.

  39. This stuff if cool,, BOLD as!
    I won’t be available for the seminar, I’ll be on the road and where I’m going there are no telecommunications.

    I’m keen to get your recordings.

    This webinar was tops

  40. Hi Adam I signed up for the series but I haven’t seen where I can download the two PDF bonuses. Please advise. I also paid another 97$ for some of your publications but the two bonus PDFs weren’t among them.

    • adam

      Hey Edward – please shoot an e-mail to davidsinick at gmail dot com and he’ll send you what you need.

  41. Dano!

    Loved the webinar, this stuff is totally what I need in my life right now. I’m also impressed by so much good content, such a relief from other products’ barking movies where they try to waste up to an hour of your time for a tiny tidbit of useful info. It gives me confidence that your stuff is even better than what I’ve seen here and there won’t be any pulled punches.

    There’s no way I can afford this now. I’m very newly (amicably) separated, now needing to transition into a job from being a full time father to my 2 kids and disentangling resources (even amicable separation is expensive!). My hope is that you offer this program again in the future, or perhaps some less-personalized version of it at a lower price point so I can join in too. Until then, I’ll be workin’ the content here.

    Thanks, and have a blast y’all!

  42. Xavier

    Hi again.
    I watched your talk last night. It was exhilarating. It was also at 3AM my local time. This wreaks havoc on me. Are all live events going to be at that time?
    Several guys have written in saying they can’t afford to participate. I’m unemployed, and in an economy with 25+% unemployment. Your course is, indeed, very well priced and with every passing second I’m more convinced it’ll be awesome and great value for money. Still, I want to ask: do you have special rates for people like the other guys and me?
    Anyway, by way of feedback, something I like a lot about the two webinars so far is that you talk about boldness not only in approaching women but also in general. Although my basic instinct disagrees, I don’t really see myself sleeping with a new woman every night. Still, if your course empowers me in this area as well as in the other areas of my life, that would be fan-tas-tic.

  43. emmanuel

    Hey what’s up guys… been trying to watch the webinar for a wwhile but it’s always when I’m at work.. I would appreciate it if u could email the link to me so I can watch it.. I know it’s something that could help me out… thanks I know there’s a lot of valuable info I can get from it to help jump start this new life I want live.

    Thanks Adam,

    To a bold new life

  44. jim

    I am 80 and the girl I am with is 40 and I am not that big where it is nice to be. She wants to have sex and likes to have pictures taken. But we have trouble finding a place as both of us are married, but she has filed for a divorce. I have to figure things out so I am not being something my family does not want me to be. I love this gal and want to have sex a lot with her but just can’t figure out when and where. What should I do?

    • AdamGilad

      Ummmm…. kiss the ground and give thanks for your life?

      Other than that, brother – you are old enough to know: live your truth. Take the heat.

      Living a lie guts your soul. (and those around you)

  45. Jeremiah DeBoer

    Can I get the 21 Laws of the Boldness Code?

  46. Kevin

    Hey Adam, this is great stuff!!! I never knew that boldness was the key to getting woman until now! It all makes sense! Back then, I thought that if you had a lot of friends, high social value, tons of confidence, and were a good communicator, you would get tons of women, but I was wrong. I was a shy guy. I didn’t have a lot of friends, and I graduated high school without kissing a girl, dating a girl, or fucking a girl. I was clueless!! I thought that girls wouldn’t talk to you unless you had a nice car, big muscles, a tall body, and a huge social circle. I played football as a running back in high school because I loved it as a kid, and my friends said that if I play a sport, the girls will notice me, but I didn’t play at all my freshman, sophmore, or my junior year because there were bigger, more popular kids. My senior year I played, but I didn’t start, so I got no attention from girls. I remember working out in the gym non stop because I wanted big muscles to impress women, and I got some attention, but it only lasted a few seconds. I tried other gurus, and they said that I had to be better at communicating, since women love communicating, yet hate talking to awkward people. I’m a freshman in college now, and I still play football, but I don’t play in the games because a junior running back starts over me, and he has been an all american award player since his freshman year, and he started since his freshman year too. I did well academically this semester, but not well athletically or socially. I commute instead of live in the dorms because my parents are strict and don’t think I’m ready for dorm rooms, but they just kept me home so that I can do a bunch of chores around the house. I can honestly say thati don’t have one real friend yet, and I can also say that every girl hates me before I say a word to them. I see my teammates from the team pick up girls easily, and even talk about sex with girls they just met. Back then, I thought that if you did that, you would be labeled a creep and get slapped in the face!!! But my teammates just aren’t afraid to say anything. Since I’m shy, it’s hard to me to socialize and talk to people, especially girls. I try to start a conversation with them, but I hit a wall after hello with them and I don’t go anywhere with them. Why is that? I say hello, and they already want to run away from me, and people treat me like i’ a deadly plauge, and avoid saying hi to me, and they avoid me period!!! I’m not a bad person, I care about people, and I’m not ugly, I have muscles, but I’m very shy, and I don’t know what to say in a conversation most of them time. There was a girl in one of my classes that seemed to like me at first. when we both came to class early, she would talk to me and we’d talk. That was our daily routine. She was hot and very friendly, and I wanted her to like me, but I froze many times, maily because I didn’t know what to say, and I was too worried that she wouldd think I’m creepy, or that I’d say something dumb, and when I did this, I would try to hide and close myself off by “being too busy studying”. She kept trying to talk to me, but I was too afraid that I’d say something lame or boring, so one day, an awkward silence, she tried to get things going again, but I knew that I would end up starting another awkward silence, and then I did something stupid: listened to a guru’s advice on being a bad boy. I took my phone out, and pretended to make a phone call. She asked me a question about the home work, but I walked out the room! I could feel the guilt for doing that, because I could tell I pissed her off by leaving when she gave a serious question, but I was clouded by guru lies and I was too focused on “being aloof” and “being a bad boy”. Eventually, one of her friends would come early to class too, and this was the new daily routine, and I was closed out of the conversation. During class, I could overhear the girl say “that guy is so fucking awkward, I don’t even know what his problem is, he fucking irritating and so creepy, and he’s pissing me off!!!” I knew she was talking about me, and I still kick myself for lettin that happen. You know the rest…I avoid her for the rest of the semester, and any time I try to talk to her again, I would get the famous women line from her after every statement I would say “…..yeah…….yeah……that’s nice………….”. I know when women say this they are bored or very uninterested in you. I get this from every women I try to talk to. I’m so fucking shy that I can’t even become friends with a women. I don’t get how women avoid all contact with me wha so ever, and other guys get sent in the friend zone, but the bold guys get to fuck these women!! I really need your help. How can I finally get women to be interested in me so that they like me and find me attractive? Please reply and thank you for reading this!!

  47. It’s impressive that you are getting ideas from this article as well as from our discussion made at this place.

  48. Adrian


    In this one short 34 minute webinar, you have sparked my inner masculinity, I’m inspired and touched. I used to be this guy, this bold, fearless man, I had attracted many amazing women into my life, and because of one stupid, careless mistake, I felt I had lost my way, filled with shame and guilt. I’ve come a long way since then, however, today is different. Today I feel, bold, brash, fearless, I can feel my inner warrior awaken.

    Thank you, this is an amazing gift.

    • AdamGilad

      Beautiful Now take that energy and bring it to your work, your women, your life. Serve nobility.

      You’ll never regret that.

  49. Joseph

    Hey Adam amazing webinar!,

    I have a question though. I have this girl that sits next to me in my class. She is stunning and has an amazing personality. The problem is that i don’t know how create attraction with her i watch the whole video 3 times and I’m still confused on what i should say or do when things get quiet (i don’t want to be boring). Most of the time i have to wait for her to say something before we really interact. Is there anything i can say and build on so i can create attraction with her? I don’t want this one to get away, it will be a huge disappointment i will regret for a long time.

    Thanks again your amazing,


    • AdamGilad

      Dude — the start of your solution is right there in the video.
      Penetrative comment.
      Creating a “Couple vibe”

      More detail in the course, of course, but you gotta take a step.

      And remember – there are MiLLIONS of women in the world!

      Dont’ get bound up over one.

  50. Gregg

    Just wanted you to know I did watch your presentation. Only wish I had your marketing skills. With women, we are the same. I am an old time player, been married, and have absolutely no problem meeting and seducing or being myself and have way too many women in my life. But I do think many men can benefit from your information. I have always wanted to try and have other men do what I do, but they haven’t spent the decades of play/therapy/ fearless rejection and rejecting women many times. One quick one, in Austin one date to pick up and go out and I was going to drive. I stop to get her. First thing she states is she is a black belt and if needed she will kick my ass. Well, my response, she needs to be the driver. What she didn’t know is that I am a black belt and also trained in the Ninja levels above that. So, she gets to drive, this keeps her arms and legs not attacking me, and I get to admire her. That followed with higher levels of the equivalent of Carl Rodgers symbolism and above, that I won’t put here. But I enjoyed the presentation. If I was still in my hummingbird phase, I would sign up. Just realize, I am already having multiple women and narrowing things down, as I am aiming toward relationship stage. Tempting to reverse this, but it is a healthy choice and direction for me. I am happy for you, and I am sure men can learn from you. I will say Internet women are more of a challenge than just meeting wherever I go, and I don’t have canned lines, I just know how to do what is needed. Best wishes to you, and those that follow you on your path. Regards.

  51. Gothic90

    One simple question (maybe I just need extra ammo or confirmation on this one) …

    I got a number yesterday. From my chat with her she is someone that is very unlikely to have time for BS (she works from 7: 30 am to 10 pm for her two jobs). Should I just give her a booty call?

    • AdamGilad

      Sounds like it! Just do this to make it all the better: Find out what she loves to drink or eat. MAke the extra effort to provide unexpected delight in her life. She’ll be grateful

  52. Brad Edblom

    Can use all the help I can get. Thank You.

  53. Andrew

    I just purchase the program but I got no real ‘confirmation page’. Also the follow up email I got said the program started in December. I’m sure that was just an old generic one. The new program starts March 21st right? Can someone please verify my order?

  54. Thank you for reading this. My question is for what you said about woman around 25 and up liking “good men with a bold edge”. I completly understand that. My problem is that I’m 24 and going to college. Most of the ‘kids’ in school are 5-7 years younger than me. How am I suppose to act around them? I notice that I get more attention from older woman than younger. Honestly, I rather date woman younger than me

  55. Tim Paul

    G’day! Thanks for your time and effort. I’m 46 and never been in a relationship,though look younger than my age (maybe the reason for looking young is lack of stress from no kids). I’m 6 foot 2, long hair and wear glasses. I’m your typical Aussie bloke. My only problem is I’ve lacked the confidence over the years, I was always too much of a nice guy and didn’t know what to say to women. As time goes on it seems more difficult. I love life still, though now don’t drink or smoke.I loved what you have explained so far and would love to get back to the playful self I once knew, and hopefully meet women who I could possibly end up with for the rest of my life(or a while anyway). I’d love to sign up for your course. Is it too late for me? Cheers! Tim

  56. Adam , I’ve got to say…..
    I Heard you trying to set this up………
    (Using an I-Phone 5 Only
    Thank you……audio worked whole time BTW
    I didn’t get to listen to your first 9 minutes before I got soooo tired 4:15 am central
    I’ve Got to crash ……. I’ll finish tomorrow
    DUDE …….. I Owe you
    I KNEW what was coming…. I read your 21 ALL last night……

    I live in a little Podunk town in the Midwest

    I went to the local groc. store……. Hottie that I’ve been eyeing for 6 months now …..
    Thought she Regected me

    Went home , (2 miles) ….. Sat in my driveway for 10 minutes

    For the last 2 Weeks …. Have Bruce Lee quote on my Front Door ;

    Feel the fear….and do it ANYWAY !!!

    Went to the bar. Waited for for her friend/ ‘saw in store earlier/

    To go fetch her friend…..after work at store was done…….

    I dressed UP (usually just bummin…. White tee ; jeans / boots

    She showed up at bar ( of course )

    Listened , honest , told Truth , kinda mostly ,

    Asked for kiss at 3.3o in morn, got it !
    Dropped off at moms house /30 yrs old/ complicated/
    ( I’m 38)

    WILL hook up with after she works in 2 days

    I’ve never made initiative to do before……..tired of being alone for 8 YEARS

    I owe to you and your guidance

    However, to make it short ……. I am Very intelligent.

    Just didn’t give a shit for SO long…

    Had convs. With 3 other chicks today……….

    Confidence / Determination / Boldness

    YES Sir

    I can easily be a FORCE to be Reckoned with
    when I Choose to APPLY myself

    You were the discovery that was my key

    Along with Josh and Chase…..

    Its GO Time !!!!!

    We only live once , right

    Yes , she’s worthy by the way …..

    Thanks Adam

    For the Kick in The Ass that I needed tonight

    (Just me knowing that I could do SO much if I got out there…… Never even bothered to go out to bar before….. Good time)

    On MY fridge ……… MY quote for U ……… I wrote ……. Randomly 3 YEARS ago

    “To be Brilliant , one must overcome THEMSELVES”

    In the last 2-3 weeks , I finally began to understand AND apply, what I wrote

    • AdamGilad

      Loved your email!

      Like how it reads almost in poem form.

      And yes, you GET IT! Boldness. Fearless. Direct.

      you get one life. Craft it into something magnificent and memorable.

  57. Brett

    This looks amazing, i am devastated that i am in financial difficulty at the moment and cannot purchase this offer. Please tell me you will be doing another group through your program after you complete the others 60-day walk-through. Please tell me when I am financially ready I can take this journey with you guys

    • AdamGilad

      Write and see if they can help you out with a partial scholarship. Otherwise — hang in. May do it again, but not sure. Have a lot more coming this year.

  58. joe

    Vimeo seems to be blocking access to this. I am in Canada.

    • AdamGilad

      lame Canada!

      Did you get the replay?

  59. Sid

    Are these techniques universal? Because I do not live in the US or any other similar first world western country… The social hierarchy is obviously different out here… I mean, the usual language for conversation isn’t English, it isn’t socially acceptable to kiss someone in public, you get the drift…

    • AdamGilad

      Good question.

      This is designed for Western or Latin American audiences.

      I don’t want you getting your head cut off or anything.

      Can ruin your whole day.

  60. Luis

    Hey Adam,

    Looks like you have a great program. With valuable content inside. I just wanted to know. Where do I sign up as an affiliate?


  61. Tom

    I have somehow not received the “Numbered List” associated with te Boldness Code.
    I have watched the webinar where these numbered items are talked about – it is GREAT, and teaches how to be Bold and Daring with no fear. I’d appreciate if I could receive the complete list in email fro someone.

    Tom Yorty

  62. Peter Feddema

    I hear all you are saying but my question is How can one join if one dose not have a credit card and what about the people who are too poor to get the course ?

    • AdamGilad

      Hit up my support guys with your situation and we’ll see what we can do.

      I have special arrangements for students, guys who have served, and in special cases.

  63. Lynn

    Hi Adam. I listened to ur class on webinar and I thought it was for woman to listen too. I was wondering if u have anything on how to help woman squirt by female ejaculation? I hope u can get back to me asap. Thank You!

    • AdamGilad

      Steve P is your man for that.

      Although I have a special white paper on how to do that in my upcoming “Make Her Your Dream Lover” program

  64. Adam

    Will the Boldness Code be offered again? This summer would be perfect for me. I going to be extremely busy until May when I finish college so feel I might not be able to make the most of the teachings until then. Not to mention I can’t really afford it at the moment.

  65. Jay


    Adam i was just wondering does this stuff work well with Jason Capital’s cool stuff or does it collide like two cars in a crash?

    Im still in school and was wondering if this stuff works on girls in the age of 18+?

    Thx in advance

    • AdamGilad

      Great Question —

      First – I freakin love Jasons’ stuff. We go out often together and he cracks me up – and he’s for real. I actually have him in as a guest for the Bold Approach sessions. He’s the best around for girls 18- 27. And his psychological insight is effective, direct and fun.

      It’s one of many elements of living a full on bold life with women, but yeah, he’s solid.

  66. Ben

    Hi my name is Ben. Am 22.1st am still having a problem with the replay of the webinar..anyway i figured you’d be able help me out..I just got out of a serious relationship and and quite frankly i am emotionally drained.I do not want to meet a girl and she ends up falling for me and i get sucked in the emotional trap..My question is i want to go out the and meet new girls but i just feel like i have lost touch,i get nervous and i choke around do i bring back that mojo..


    Hey! Weldon dams. Am from Nigeria.How would approach a woman, whether young or old at first meeting? You might be surprised why i asked this. It’s not as if am shy, but this is Africa for you where you try to be friendly to someone and they take for something else. Some even snub you which is very painful. Am a guy that likes to maintain my ego any time and wouldn’t want to be subbed. Thank you.

    • AdamGilad

      Snubs happen.

      If you don’t take risks, you never get anywhere.

      But if you take risks – you sometimes get snubbed – and you also reap the rewards.

      That’s how life works. On any continent

      The whole key to success you can find in the words of Sir Richard Branson – one of my true role models (I finally recently met him)…. “Screw it. Just Do it.”

      No ego involved. You risk. You try. You boldly venture forward. And don’t it personally when the world doesn’t give you what you want. Keep on keeping on – eyes on the prize.

  68. Andrew

    Hey Adam,

    I think this is the thing that many of the other people out there try to teach. But don’t really explain. So this is spot on. Is this something that can be downloaded?

  69. Weylin


  70. I really want to see the recording of the webinar that crashed, but I don’t know how to access it. I was registered, I got Adam’s email to direct us to the replay, I clicked where he said the recording was, “THIS PAGE”. Somethin g plays for about one second, Then it is all comments about the seminar. Please help me to see this webinar.

  71. Help need your wisdom .I’m 34 year old man,advice how to get a girl even though in wheelchair now ,dont want to be alone its been 5 yrs since my last girlfriend.

    • AdamGilad

      See my comment below about my wheelchair bound friend — I’ll give you all the tools you need during the course. If you want to talk to my buddy – he’s been in a chair all his life, just married and is also a phd shrink – contact him – Sean Stephenson — he’s all over the web. Tell him I sent you. He’s a treasure.

  72. wayne wentworth

    Dear Adam,can you make this earlier ?because its 2am in the uk.GREAT STUFF AND the refreshing philosophyThank you

    • AdamGilad

      Oi Mate. Well can’t do that — but I can tell you that you will get the recording of each class in full. Plus a written transcript in full. Plus I’ll answer any questions you have during the length of the course – so you’ll get the full benefit no matter what. I know it’s a big world but unless we did weekends, I can’t hit Sydney, London, Dubai etc at the same time.

      Join us. I LOVE British girls. I especially love – the London girls, anyway are smoking – and intriguingly articulate. I like their function where you can post “Im free for drinks tonight or lunch tmw. Makes things easier.

  73. Andrew

    Hi Adam, very insightful….I think some of your bretheren try to articulate what you have but are nowhere near as convincing.

    • AdamGilad

      Yeah. Well, I live it. And I lived the opposite so I know the pain of being there.

  74. Brad

    Hey I only want one answer. Me and my ex recently broke up. She said i did absolutely nothing wrong, i was a perfect boyfriend.But one thing was missing and she just dident know what it was. So can you help me.

    • AdamGilad

      Of course I can.

      But not with the info you just gave!

      Join the course or sign up for a consultation. I have a gut feeling that what was missing is exactly what – when developed – will liberate you from any holding back or frustration in your life. Inside the shadow of where we hold back tend to reside our hugest gifts.

  75. mohammad

    do you have that program in arabic

    • AdamGilad

      I wish I did! I know from my friends how little info there is in Arabic – for men or for women. I will look into translations later this year when we translate into Spanish, Frend and German.

  76. Red

    Hello Adam

    Really enjoyed the Webinar, but I have a question. I used to have no trouble with women I dated some very beautiful women in my previous life as I call it. But I had a Motorcycle accident many years ago and now I have lost my sense of boldness and also I have not dated any beautiful women I only seem to get to go out with the ones that are either too fat or too lonley that they go out with me as a last resort. I call it my starving dog syndrome As said a Starving dog will eat anything so I feel like that starving dog. I need to change I need help How can you help me I have to get out of my rut and meet beautiful attractive women again and I need it soon!

    • AdamGilad

      first sorry to hear about the accident. A buddy of mine – the same thing happened. In fact, I spent 3 weeks with the motorcycle design team at BMW in Munich when I was writing a movie for them about design – and they ALL seemed to be on crutches pinned, stapled, limping and broken. Although their love of the sport was inspiring – it put me off bikes forever!

      Look – it all starts with your mindset. The Boldness Code is HEAVILY about Bold Action taken at those key moments that are make or break with women.

      But it’s ALSO about reframing your mind into bold self-generated value — which is where it all starts.

      You’ll get that in the course – plus a bunch of practices you can use daily to bolster that.

      I have a friend who is 3 feet tall – wheelchair bound and had over 210 broken bones before he was 18 (brittle bone disease). I was with him in SF when a woman asked, “Can I ask you paperaonl question — are you a virgin?” Without a beat, he shot back, “With you I am.”

      He just married a SUPERHOT young woman and they are happy as all get out.

      There are NO EXCUSES for not living the life you want — boldly, free, happy, creating the experience you want. You’ve had it before – you can have it again.

      I think you’ll get a lot out of the comraderie of the Boldness Code guys over the course of the course — I will share Q and A – among all of you – and of course – come to Vegas for the party/workshop/culmination if you can gather up your broken bones! You’re just a mindset away!

  77. steven

    my video stopped how much is this? i how not too expensive

    • AdamGilad

      Hey Steve — actually right now its’ about 15% of the usual full tuition – 297 for everything

      Plus when you register – there’s a surprise having to do with an amazing weekend in Vegas when we wrap up online.

  78. JB

    Thanks Adam. I enjoyed your presentation. I can’t sign up for your course, because I can’t commit 60 days! My wife would catch me at it, and my employer frequently requires me to be at evening demos with clients, and dinners. (I make the best pyro in the world). This always happens – I work 60 hours a week. I also just paid the rent for two of my kids in Oakland – you can imagine. I run with a fairly robust crowd – I have plently of role models and competition – movie guys, and roadies. Grade A stuff. And I figured some of this stuff out already – I’ve been hugged by a Disneyland princess, for example – but I always have to be back at work – no trip to Hawaii for me – in fact, my wife is in Costa Rica right now, but I can’t leave – I can’t trust my co-workers – that’s the kind of boss (company owner) I have. A charming control freak slave-driver. (But he pays!) And these girl skills have worked on every one I’ve tried it on (I don’t do it that often) except my wife! I went on an online sex dating site, just to see – never wrote to a single woman, and still got 200 REPLIES! And my RN Obstetrics wife is in love with menopause. All she talks about is fat welfare pigs and emergency C-sections. And APGAR scores. You don’t need to reply – that’s not my point – simply put, I am damn successful, I live in a rural county, making H’wood look good, and my wife gets jealous if I even talk to a Mexican breast cancer survivor (former co-worker), but she is still hell bent on all but bossing me when she gets home, like I’ve become an orderly. And she’s gained too much weight for me to even want to bother with romancing her anymore – it’s not worth the effort – it leads nowhere. And girls half my age – or less – sometimes hit on me. It drives me NUTS! Not whining – just facts. So I’d really enjoy your 60 day class, and I could sort of afford it, but that’s why I’m not doing it. It would only make matters worse. (I mean, what the hell do you do with a frigid woman who is looking forward to being an old lady? Years ago I thought I’d “cured” her, but it’s back) Your presentation sounds “true”, and I enjoyed your pitch. Thanks.

    • AdamGilad

      Dude – you sound like an awesome man – responsible, successful, 100% reliable in business and probably a paragon trust.

      Brother to brother — GRAB YOUR LIFE BACK BEFORE IT IS GONE!

      It’s a longer discussion but you you’re a good man living a lie. Don’t die lying to yourself or to your wife or to anybody.

      Hit me up if you want to take this further.

  79. thomas liu

    u r a real man adam, best teaching video and to be honest i feel like to USA to visit even through i am a international student from china who just have been studying in australia for 1 yr haha, gl man,keep it real and i am 17 yrs old haha

    • AdamGilad

      thanks bro. Keep growing. Life only gets better the more free and direct you become.

  80. Martin


  81. Dave Simons

    I love this material, but I am in Thailand. Is there a way to get this material to me. This looks like the best material I have seen. You might think that anyone can get a girl in Thailand, but they are better at reading people than in the West. See if you can hook me up!


    • AdamGilad

      Not sure yet Dave — but you can git it all now – just download the audios and transcripts – send in and read all the questions guys send in in the forum – and if you can make it – join me in Vegas June 1 weekend — you’ll have the info and can dig in at your leisure.

    • AdamGilad

      Absolutely man – the calls are ALL recorded. PLUS you’ll get a transcript. During the course, I have an open, ongoing Q and A forum – so hit me up anytime with personal questions – anything you need, any resources you need. I’m yours for the length of this course. This is really about TRANSFORMATION – and focus. Hope to see you . Dig Thailand by the way. Gonna post up on a diving island later this year.

  82. Rick

    Hi Adam –

    Great webinar! Great sounding program!

    I’d love to sign up. Unfortunately, the timing will not work for me. My April and May are already filled. Will you be offering this online class again later in the year?

    Tell me you have another section beginning in August or September & I’ll sign up for that right now.

    Either way – THANK YOU for the work that you are doing.


    • AdamGilad


  83. g pappas

    i like wot i heared

  84. Mustansir

    Hey Adam. This course sounds great with a lot of insight but sadly im a college student and dont have money to do so. Hopefully soon I will try to join the course when suitable.

    • AdamGilad

      I have 50% scholarships for guys who can show they are in college – or by the way – any man who has been in the service – same deal. Nothing but respect for you guys – plus, from working with you, I know how much healing work has to be done. Hit up my team at and give ’em the deets and we’ll help you out.

  85. Frank

    Adam, thanks for a great webinar. I’m a middle aged man interested in a very attractive woman who I believe would be age appropriate for me. She worked at my company temporarily and has since left. I found her on Facebook and was thinking of contacting her this way. If she accepts my request I need some advice on the best way to word my first comment to her. I was going to end my comment by telling her she has a beautiful smile (which she does) but I need help on the intro. I need to let her know that I want to get to know her, because at work we did not have much of an opportunity to talk as it was a very busy time. Thanks.

    • AdamGilad

      Well first – thanks for the kudos.

      Second – definitely write her.

      Third – women want to be FELT – they want to be seen. In the webinar – and in the course, I talk about PENETRATIVE insight — which is SO MUCH MORE powerful than “you have a nice smile” — what is unique about her? What was something unique and memorable you witnessed about her? What will make her feel special when she reads your letter. And even more important — you! You say you think she’s “appropriate” for you. Why fuck should she care abou that????????

      I want you thinking about how you can be appropriate for her. Even more important – and to the point… I want you to – BEFORE you write her – to think about how you are thrilling for her, how you can open her heart, open up her life, create the conditions so that she loves herself even more through your eyes and actions. What gifts can you bring her so that she feels your bold presence, your trustability, your directive power, your leadership, your truth, your honest heart and cherishment — all unguarded and given boldly. THAT is how women want to be approached.

      And yeah, absolutley – if you want to learn how to do all of those things powerfully and without hesitation or self-doubt — join us!

      You will be armed and equipped to truly excite her about the prospect of having you in her life.

  86. Alex

    I am having some serious issues with my age. I was in a long term relationship and recently got out. I am 43 smart in shape health care professional who looks 15 years younger than my age. I am attracted to younger women ( mid to late 20s) and am a le to attract them but the moment they find out about my age they freak out and leave. I find if I have sex with them before they find out they don’t want to leave but if they find out before sex they run the hell away. How do I defeat this problem? I know you have dated younger women. How do you defuse the age issue? This past weekend I escalated physically with a 25 yo (but no sex she was on her period). She was into me. On the way home she asked my age and I told her the truth ( I was tempted to lie). From the look on her face I know she was shocked. I tried to contact her twice since then and total radio silence. I’m totally frustrated. Please help.

    • AdamGilad

      Great question.

      I love women. I have dated women my own age and women well over 20 years younger than me.

      I am coming out with the most comprehensive program in the world on how to date younger women successfully.

      About 35% of women do not want to date a decade older than them. About 30% are open or looking. And the rest – well it depends on how you handle it.

      Stay tuned for “Date Younger With Dignity” – it will redefine the whole arena of dating for any man 35-70.

      That’s in April!

  87. Nick

    Hey Adam!

    First off, loved the webinar! Sick of being a beta, loser, nice guy. Definitely going to be a whole lot more bold with women from now on.

    I have very serious question, how do you think porn affects you when your trying to attract women?

    I think porn is really affecting men when it comes to dating and relationships.

    What’s your opinion on the subject Adam?

    • AdamGilad

      Great question – and I’ve been writing about it recently actually. On my woman’s blog!

      Here’s the bottom line…

      #1: Porn is changing how young people learn about and experience sex. We don’t even know the extent yet – because it’s NEVER been this pervasive.

      #2: Porn is a performance art. It’s entertainment. The problem comes when people treat is like actual sex. And when you learn sexuality through porm, you learn it as entertainment – and NOT as connection. Look, almost everyone likes a roll in the hay now and then. Raw sex without any personal connection can be fun. It’s Level #1 of the 7 Levels of Sex. The problem is that if that’s all you know – you miss out on the other 6 levels of sex, which is where the full beauty of being a human being with a heart and consciousness resides. I have developed some techniques to bring yourself and your lover BACK INTO CONNECTION during lovemaking – conscious tapping, conscious spanking, very firm instructions etc.

      #3 Sex is like oxygen – when you don’t have it – it’s ALL you think about. Once you have it, your mind is free to seek more complex pleasures. Such as love.

      #4 I love to quote Genesis – the book, not the band. While I am FAR from being a bible thumper, I spent years in academies studying ancient wisdom texts and especially the bible. You’ll notice that in Genesis – it does not say “And Adam Banged Eve” Nope. The Hebrew says “And Adam knew Eve.” Why? Because sex, in its most satisfying form, is the deepest kind of knowledge you can share another person. It is where you are most naked, vulnerable, intertwined. It is the place where you get to escape all the social masks of your outside life and be true. Authentic. Unmasked. Accepted and accepting. Loving without restraint.

      Which I gotta say, is an infinity more exciting and satisfying that watching a meth addict getting rammed by tattooed freak.

      #5 I deal with sexuality especially in the final sessions of THE BOLDNESS CODE – both the light and dark side. As David Deida wisely put it – sex without light is rape. Sex without darkness is boring. You’ve got to bring both sides to bear – consciously – to truly ravish and be ravished…


      #6 How can your sexual self be the crucible of knowing yourself anew? Of knowing your lover with both profundity and lightness, with both fierceness and the tenderness of a newborn’s touch?

      Sex can be entertainment, distraction, obsession — or it can be revelation of our truest selves, our most infinite consciousness. Through our bodies touching, we can touch the divine.

      And we can feel – when we drop our anxieties, our bills, our status, our egos – what we can be as human in the act of “becoming.”

      Some of the things I teach (and, by the way, if you dont’ get it by now, do my best to live)…

      • How we can live our lives suffused by Eros – and what the impact can be for ourselves our lovers and the webs of life into which we are woven
      • How to embed our current experience of sexuality into a broader life of Eros
      • How to transform shame into fuel for a profound erotic embrace of self and other
      • How to turn the passion of our intimate relationships into crucibles for awakening and co-evolution
      • How to meld, through Eros, the dissolution of Eastern meditative wisdom with the Western tradition of dignified individualism
      • How to transmute our unique stories of suffering and loneliness into a path of bliss, love, service and celebration
      • How to embrace our own evolution and grow ever deeper into a live of love, intimacy, ecstasy and joy

      If any of that sounds better than porn – then join me in the Boldness Code and elsewhere.

      I will be writing and teaching more about Eros and the fullness of living more later this year, as well.

  88. Trevor


    Okay I’ve written this three times trying to make it brief lol. Long story short-ish, I was raised Christian and it has made me into a prudish nice-guy. I am single and miserable. I have confidence but little to no boldness. So I had a talk with my Dad about a year ago about how I want to be more free, and less…restricted. I wanted to explain to him so he understood if I act differently. For example, my parents don’t know that I cuss, get drunk, or that I’ve had sex before I’m married. I told him this was impportant if I ever want to have a hope of attracting a woman. The first thing he said was he understood…then he asked if I wanted to mistreat women so I explained further lol(actually I love what you say about GOOD men with a BOLD edge). But THEN he said…oh..this would break your mother’s heart. Now, how am I supposed to be bold when I can’t even cuss around my mother?? Do you go from telling women you want to ravish them, to then acting like a goody-two-shoes around your family? I sure as hell don’t want to be two people but I don’t see any way out of it! Did you experience this obstacle Adam? I feel like so long as I’m acting like a pussy around my family, I can’t really turn a new leaf or transform into a bold man. Does this make sense? Thanks for any insight.

    • AdamGilad

      Hey Trevor,

      First of all, I want to thank you for your honesty and vulnerability. THAT is already pretty damned bold.

      There is so much I want to say…

      #1. We are each born into a random cultural tradition. The days of having to toe-the-line of our village, our parents’ limited world is over. We are each not explosed to global traditions and can get perspective. That said, I am a firm believer in respecting your parents. I have raised two sons and I never insisted that they copy me or follow my path, but I did insist that they respected their mom and me – and we paid close attention to the downward spiral of the kids they knew who were rude to, cursed at or otherwise disprespected their parents. That is the cauldron of basic human respect. If you can’t treat your parents with respect, you generally won’t respect others or yourself.

      #2. Their life is not your life. I don’t know how old you are but if you are as you say “miserable” – GET OUT! I don’t know how, I don’t know to where – but no one should have to live a miserable life. Especially if you were born in this country with all the advantages to that. You’ve got a few decades on this Earth. Take control of your destiny – while being kind and respectful to your parents. But sorry “you will break your mother’s heart” is manipulation on your dad’s part. That is not treating you as an autonomous adult who is considred worthy of making adult decisions. I have said this many times: no child is born with hatred in his heart. It is socially taught. And no child is born with shame of his body or sexuality in his heart – that too is taught – especially often by some strands of American style “Christianity.” I consider this worse that teaching hatred – because it it teaching hatred of your own SELF! What God or Christ or spiritual being would teach that? Ugh! It’s social control at it’s worst! Control people’s bodies, and you control their minds. [btw, this is not a dig at Jesus or all the beautiful teachings that have come out of Christianity – this is about sexual shame, so save your hate letters, Westboro and gang].

      #3: Ravishing a woman in a trustable, loving way is one of the holiest acts you can live. As long as it is without subterfuge or manipulation, without any intent to hurt or damage her. And of couese – as long as she knowws EXACTLY where you stand in terms of commitment. If you are not planning to commit – you owe her that truth up front. If you are there to share a beautiful physical and spiritual communion – have at it! The Earth’s gonna get swallowed by the sun one day anyway. Enjoy this body you were given. Enjoy this life. Hurt no one. Be truthful – and aboe all – be truthful to YOUR SELF and YOUR DESTINY AS YOU WISH TO HONORABLY AND BOLDLY CREATE IT.

      Yeah your mom may cry but guess what – children are not possessions we control. They are beings we do our best to guide then launch into the world to find their true destinies.

      Your parents may not believe that. But you get to step into the light of your own life. And by doing so, there will be consequences. Being bold and being true means you welcome those with open arms and a loving heart – while staying true to your truth.

      • AdamGilad

        I want to add a couple more things.

        True freedom is when you are the same person everywhere and with everyone.

        My dad, who was a civil war buff (named my after General Grant – it’s my middle name) used to tell me that Robert E Lee was one of the most honorable men who has walked the Earth – and one of the marks of a great man is he who can encounter anyone, at any station of the social scale with the same grace, respect and dignity. Without airs and without faking anything.

        The very word INTEGRITY – comes from “integer” – and if your math memory is a fuzzy as mine, you can probably still recall that an integer is a “whole” number – something that is complete and entegral – not split off inot fractions.

        When you are pulled in different directions – wild sexuality in one part of you life and repressed, polite society in another – it’s hard to live that integrity.

        I went through a wild decade after I got single and my own dear old mom used to say, “Well take it easy. I’m concerned that your boys are watching you turn into some kind of “Don Juan”

        They did. But they also witnessed their Dad, reborn, LOVE women. Learn from women. Respect women. Yeah, I made mistakes – especially in the beginning when I was afraid to tell women the truth about my intentions, about the fact that I was dating multiple women (often on the same day!) etc — but I learned, I grew, I became more integrated as a person and more truthful.

        I taught my sons, when they became sexual that (1)your dick is not to touch anything wet and toothless without a condom (2) sex with a drunk girl is RAPE and (3) take girls’s feelings more seriously than your own when it comes to sex – because they feel it more deeply.

        And I watched my son turn down a 16 year old COVER MODEL who was inviting him over for sex because she was drunk. I wouldn’t have done that at 15, because no one ever taught me better.

        And I have to tell you, it was pretty much the proudest moment of my being a dad.

        You can absolutely respect AND ravish women – if you do it from truth.

        You dont need to tell your parents everything.

        You have three choices:

        #1: The Boldest Path – live your truth and speak your truth and take the consequences (parental disapproval, shaming even shunning)

        #2 The Bold Path – live your truth, but keep your trap shut around your parents. Dont’ lie but don’t tell ’em what they don’t gotta know.

        #3 The Path of Misery – lie to yourself about how you want to live. Lie to others about it. Live in shame and self-hatred.

        My suggestion for you is start with #2 as best you can and work toward Path #1.


  89. Jason

    Webinar replay will not play. Is this presentation location specific?

    • AdamGilad

      won’t replay Try again – or write my guys at – they will send you a copy so you can watch the whole thing.

  90. Torence

    Hey Adam,
    I can honestly say that I have never been so empowered by another person as you. You speak so eloquently and I can feel a profound resonance with every word. It communicates that you really live and enjoy what you teach. This is a key component in choosing a competent mentor. Never before have I wanted so much to be apart of something. I feel I will be missing out on a truly life transforming experience! I also realize that you are a salesmen and that this is pitch for a product, albeit a bold and financially sensible product, that you are selling. You certainly are not shy about rolling out the bonuses and you speak with a conviction that really makes me want to give you my trust. I am a young vet just out of my 30s. I’ve lived with a high functioning form of autism all my life and I rarely have trouble speaking my mind. I do carry a deep love for Christ and I have so enjoyed the shaping of my life through His teaching and the many rewards that have come to me as a result. Maybe this question has already been asked, but I want to know if it is possible to be the bold and sexual creature I want to be while still maintaining my integrity among my spiritual friends. Will I be seen as a hypocrite if I start arousing the interest of lots of beautiful women who would wish to sleep with me? Can I use this method effectively without making women think I’m some sort of creep for NOT sleeping with them?

    • AdamGilad


      First of all, as a VET – you are entitled to the course at 50% scholarship. I take guys who go into the service very seriously and do my best to support your transition back into civilian life any way I can. In fact, I just read that article in Esquire – it’s he cover article MArch 2013 about the Bin Laden shooter Navy Seal – and how he gets virtually NO financial support for his family after all those years of service. I REALLY don’t get that.

      That said – I do NOT teach creepiness! I teach authenticity. I teach play and creativity. I teach the ability to tell your truth without apology or bullying – but firmly, from the heart, from the spine – and to be unattached to how the world receives it. That is the only freedom that exists.

      Tyrannical governments don’t let you speak your mind. They throw you in jail or torture your body.

      And equally – the tyranny of FEAR – your own fear – prevents you from the very same freedom! But this time, you torture yourself.

      I have found that when you can speak your truth without any fear or desire to “control” anyone else’s reality – but rather, INSPIRE them up into your reality, not only do you live a happier life and like yourself better – you also tend to attract a much higher quality of person – including women – into your life.

      At which point – you only have to choose which one you want to partner with, and perhaps start a family in your case.

      Right on.

  91. paul

    Thank you adam, i really love what you are doing, nice work. but adam, i do not want to be bold with women. I want to be bold with everything, everywhere i go, everywhere i am, i want boldness to exude. Moreover i want to be faithful with one woman.

    • AdamGilad

      Yes! This course is about releasing holding back your natural boldness, directness, honesty and authenticity in all areas of your life. There are married guys in the course. ONce you find the right woman for you, you can let go of the first few sessions re. bold approach. The rest is taking women deeper into their own hearts and bodies by being authentically able to do that yourself. As my buddy Dr. Robert Glover says, “nothing hidden, nothing half-assed” It’s not just a motto for meeting women – it’s a motto for life.

  92. zoleikha

    thank you . i enjoyed alot.

  93. lee

    I only looked at the first 40 mins of this and went to the MVA and I can tell you that this shit works.

    • AdamGilad

      Thanks Lee…

      But I want to add something – it not only works – it treats women as equals – brings them into the mix of flirtation and fun, as well as depth. There is nothing hidden when you are bold – nothing manipulative. It’s all above the table, direct free and unashamed. So not only do women feel your internal freedom – you like YOURSELF better bc you are not trying to fool or manipulate anyone. You’re being a man, straight up. Direct. Sexual. Unabashed. Authentic. Frankly – the way it should be.

  94. AdamGilad

    Hey Art – with some refinements, improvements and additions, yes. And if you did the last Boldness Code Teletrainings, you’re also eligible to come to the giant Vegas afterparty/practice weekend in June for the same 66% off that this round of students is getting. You’ll get a private email from me about that.

  95. Conner

    Thank you for posting this mate, I sat in that line for the webinar for five hours and then was dropped >.> Thanks for looking out for all your followers/students.

    • AdamGilad

      Yeah sorry – will NEVER happen again.
      We thought we had software that could handle a couple thousand — but 5 THOUSAND AT ONCE? Caught us by surprise.

  96. hassan

    amazing- adam you r bold with your attitude & beautiful with your words –

  97. Elijah

    This is a predicament i find myself in a LOT. If there’s a girl that goes to school with me, or a girl i just know of from around the city, and I think she’s really attractive and I want her really bad, but I don’t really know her. HOW do i get her to be interested in me?

    Also, when I’m taking the train or something on my way home (or any other instance similar to this), and I see a girl that I want, how do I approach her? Can I even?

  98. Trevor

    Hey again Adam. I’m the guy who wrote about being Christian and not cussing around his Mom lol. Thank you for your feedback. I signed up for the teletrainings without hesitation by the way. All of this resonates with me completely. I especially like that we agree about religious brainwashing, and how one can be a good man of ethics and still be bold without shame.

    Anywho, I have a followup question! And this is amazing that you are answering these personally. I like that you don’t have some disciple answering for you. I’m sorry if this will be answered in the teletrainings…but maybe this Q&A will benefit those who are reading this but cannot do the teletrainings:

    Being bold means being TOTALLY honest, upfront, and holding nothing back, yes? Then if I’m forthright to the point of parody, it would sound something like this: “I find your physical traits sexually attractive, and I want to mate with you as soon as possible…what do we do to make that happen?” It would seem that we’re going to learn to take that question, and make a translation of it into something more appealing, and that actually works lol.

    Having said that, I actually have a big heart and I’m probably incapable of casual sex without caring about the woman and wanting to know her better. But sex IS the first thing on my mind, and my desired end result, ableit perhaps not the only desired end result. It’s confusing for me because I was brainwashed that even LOOKING at a woman with desire is wrong…much less telling her so…and much more less acting on it. I better damn well like her for her heart and mind, I was taught. So I feel like I’m being disrespectful in anything I do that is outside of a little Christian box. Yuck. I’m so sick of that box. I can’t wait to be outside of it! It gives me the jibblies just to think about living the rest of my life that way. How do I get outside of the box, Adam? I feel like I am disrespecting a woman, to tell her she has a nice ass, or that she might like doing something else with her tongue. I realize I’m not disrespecting her, and that she might be flattered and enjoy it. I know for a fact that I have the best of intentions of a good heart, but it’s been engrained in me that SEXUAL intentions are NOT of a good heart. I don’t know how to learn that sexual intentions can be of a good heart. I will do my best.

    Thanks again for any feedback. Now that you know my life story lol. I’m so sorry if you’re rolling your eyes from reading so much.

  99. I recently received information that a close relative is passing. Is there anyway you can e-mail me the seminar to my above e-mail address. Since I cannot make this meeting will there be another or a follow up?

    Thanks for your time and interest Robert S

  100. Michael

    Hello Adam
    What about us european guys that cant or might not have option to partisipate in some or all of the online classes in the middel of the night, bec of the large time zone diffrences … how can we bennefit fully of the boldnes teleclass ??
    and how do we follow the assignments during the Boldness Code TeleTraining Course ??

  101. Great goods from you, man. I’ve understand your stuff previous to and you are simply too wonderful. I actually like what you have got here, really like what you’re stating and the best way by which you say it. You make it entertaining and you still care for to stay it smart. I cant wait to learn much more from you. This is actually a terrific web site.

  102. Joshua Nixon

    My Man! I really want to watch the Webinar, had to work last week on the original broadcast date, missed it. So I’m delighted to hear there will be a replay!

  103. Gogou

    Hey Adam,

    So far i have listened and watch dating and relationship webinar. Honestly your webinar is the best , authentic and resourceful information i have ever listen. Thank You very much.

    But , i had a question for you to answer me. I had a a crush on a girl who is 14 years younger than me.She is in only her 9 standard whereas i am my master in university.She is under her parents control as of now.But one thing is that her parents did know that i like( got attracted to her) her. How do i tackle this situation? I dont know whether she like me or not?


    MARCH 11, 2013


  105. Frank

    Hey Adam, thanks for the video, I really needed this. I’m going to tell you my story so you can see why and then you can maybe give some insight.

    Well, three weeks ago I was at the ice-hockey game in my city. Game is boring so I start looking all over the place. Now there is this beautiful cheerleader (I don’t think you have them at ice-hockey, poor NHL attendants) brown long hair, perfect body, spark in eyes. She looks like an angel to me (btw this is the moment when I screwed everything up, thinking that she is fragile angel and I shouldn’t even touch her because I hurt her).

    So I hesitate, don’t go over to talk and start coming up with ideas how to get under her skin. What can I do to impress her? (to impress a girl? oh frank, really ? this is your mindset? kind of needy, kind of sleazy, kind of manipulative? )I WILL MAKE A PAPER FLOWER FROM MY ALOE VERA HANDKERCHIEF!! So I did. What a flower it was. Marvellous white paper rose with ripped petals smelling like aloe vera. Don’t get me wrong it really was a beautiful gift. TO YOUR GIRLFRIEND TO VALENTINE’S DAY!


    I gave her the flower, another napkin on which I wrote “To brown-eyed princess of white sneakers”. And I left my name I use on facebook. Don’t worry I didn’t wrote down those “magic” words “oh please send a message”. Plus one for me? Thought so…Also I wrote “P.S.: You never know what I can come up with at boring game. And yes usually I do carry centropen with me.” You’re guessing right she has brown eyes and had white sneakers on. As I was giving it to her I smiled, she laughed and…. AND I WENT AWAY! Without saying anything. Well, next period friend of mine told me her name because I told him what I just did.

    So she didn’t send me a message for 3 days. That was the day I thought I should give it a try and send her a message since I knew her name. I know it’s kind of creepy because she was surely wondering how the hell I got her name if she didn’t tell me. Well, we didn’t had any mutual friends so I couldn’t send her a message. I guess she had it blocked. So I sent her a friend request. Just for the heck of it. She didn’t accepted. Few days later I went to play soccer, got to know two new friends who turned out to be their friends. But not like close friends. More like we met a few times friends. They added me on facebook and I realized that now I had mutual friends with her so I could message her. I know I seem like a stalker. Oh God I do not seem like a stalker. I AM STALKER. I am not sure if I can live with that… Just teasing you, I can live with that.

    So couple of days later I messaged her. “Hey princess are you taking care of my puppy?” Yeah I know it wasn’t puppy, it was a flower. I don’t know why I called that thing a puppy. Guess what happened. No answer.

    3 days later I was at the another game. She was there but was circling around the seats. But we did met at the end of the game in hallway. She was going to chanching room or something and I was going right against her. I smiled she noticed me, but she was doing like she didn’t. I noticed a little smile (later I thought it was just my imagination) and as we were going to meet in front of each other she passed me by like I wasn’t even there. I immediately start smiling from ear to ear thinking “What have you just done little bitch? You know what? I like it. And I am glad you are making it tough for me.” After another 3 days I sent her another message. It was International Day of Women, not sure if you have this in US too. So I sent her one of those postcards which says something. I came up with little funny riddle. Guess what, no response. Now I realized that it wasn’t probably a smile I saw when she passed me by. So I sent her another message thinking that maybe after some plowing she may be interested. So I wrote. “You little bitch:) Just because you’re cute and all you think you can’t talk to me:)” No response. And then finally my last nail in coffin. “Hey I know that you as a cheerleader are probably picked up by many guys but hey. You have to give me some credit that was original from flower to speaking fish postcard. And you didn’t even thank me but I believe that’s just because you’re shy not because you’re being rude”. Whoala. No response:D

    So this is the sudden end. Now, Adam can you please comment on everything I did? I am not sure what was right what wasn’t. Is this a game over? I live in small city there is a chance that I see her again, especially when I go to games regularly, how should I behave? Can I start being bold right away and turn it around with her or there is no chance at all. I am really intrigued with her looks. I know that if she doesn’t meet my other requirements I won’t even bother with her. But looks attracted me so I want to know her. She is around 16-17 if that helps.

    Thank you

  106. I didn’t receive the 21 laws
    Send them to me please…

  107. Tom

    Hi Adam,
    Your webinars are great. You provide lots of insight into to female mind and emotional responses to how they are approached. I am a Vet. I retired from the U.S. Navy after 21 years of service. I want you course so bad I can taste it. The problem is I can’t afford it right now because I just bought a new sportscar and some more furniture Luckily I was able to pay cash for for them, so there’s no future drain..
    Keep sending your training webinars if you will. I greatly apprecite them. I will save my money, and as Arnold says “I’ll be back!”

    Thanks again for you valuable insight and sharing you experiences.


  108. Mick

    Great stuff

  109. Abraham

    I have three different women in my life, that before I started reading the tao of badass and checking out your video I had slept with and one I never did.

    Now that I have changed my methods I am getting a lot of resistance from them to my new methods.
    One of them said “what happened to the old you, the innocent and caring guy I knew” the other said “you never wanted anything really sexual with me before why the change now”

    My question is this,

    what can I do to change their menatlity of my old self and allow them to accept the new me? One of them even ropped me into a threesome with another girl and I dont even know what I might have done to make that happen.

  110. Rhonda

    You guys are ridiculous. Younger people are hotter in general. Younger men look and often perform better than oldermen who sometimes can’t. But you guys are shallow if you dismiss women your own age. I can’t imagine why we have so many women with low self esteem in this country. Be the mature man and show them how to grow…until they grow older or…surprise! you suddenly grow too old for her taste. Because, as one who did become the younger woman,I can rell you, that’s a very real possibility. Her libido will grow because it does for women who get older, and the older guy loses his appeal….and a younger guy who likes women his own age will be much appreciated by her.

  111. Pippa

    Hello Alex, I am the woman many of your clients are trying to find; a tall redhead with great physical and intellectual assets who knows how to balance cozy and edgy. But, my gorgeous girlfriends and I are so frustrated by men who look, who do triple takes, who stare and yet who lack the boldness to actually come over. They force us gals to approach them. We can do this but it always puts the guys on the back foot. It makes them feel they did not choose you and thus destroys some of the chemistry. After all, if a man lacks the confidence to come over then he also lacks the confidence if a stunning woman walks over to them. Right? I wish more men would just own the space they occupy, claim what they want and do what we women want. We want them to go for it and make it exciting.

  112. anton

    Hi Adam, before your divorce many years ago obviously you’re not the bold person back then like you are now. My question is how did you get that woman to be your wife? What did she find attractive about you, and stay with you? If you’re not bold back then but did you have a ‘starting strength’ or ‘base level strength’ to meet her and keep her, what is it? Thanks.

  113. Bob

    Hi: I had my prostate removed and now have tp have chemical and mechanical help to have an erection. This causes me to not approach women. I know in my mind I can take care of a wonan’s needs, but I still chicken out. Will your blodness program help me get past this?
    Thank You

  114. Boyd

    Holy shit, Adam. This is exactly what I need. I’m recently divorced and looking around . . . only to find out that despite my considerable confidence and apparent good looks . . . I really do suffer from debilitating chicken-shitted-ness. I just chicken out all the time — even though I have attractive women giving me searing eye-contact and blatant approach invitations ALL THE TIME. This is not a deeply-seated problem as I’m sure just a slight “push” will get me over the approach anxiety, but damn . . . it’s been frustrating so far. I’m sure the blockage stems from 1) the fact that I haven’t asked a woman out in 23 years!, and 2) I was devoted to my marriage and my wife and have needed some time to get over her adultery. The idea of “being” with another woman is still a little strange to me.

    Your philosophy of BOLDNESS is just right-on-the-money for me. BOLDNESS really is the only thing I lack. I actually don’t lack BOLDNESS, my BOLDNESS just got constipated in the last 20 years. Your seminar is EXACTLY what I need to break free. This is going to be THE jackpot.

    • AdamGilad

      Sweet. Welcome to my life 10 years ago!

      Be sure to feed me any specific questions you have. I have walked this path carefully

      And I took notes (I wish I took videos. Damn!)


  115. i love your program thank you adam

    • AdamGilad

      you are 100% welcome

  116. A Born Introvert

    Will it work for Naturally Introvert Guys … ?

    I can do anything but talk…. it’s not just with women…. with men too…..
    if there was a million $$ prize and i had to just keep talking for 15 minutes, i would still struggle.
    i probably have one of most quietest personalities in the world.
    you would RARELY, if at all, find me chatting up with friends and family or strangers… or come up with funny liners or crack jokes, and stuff like that….

    But I am a patient listener, and a totally non-judgemental person….
    I am laid back person, who’s chosen IT as a profession, not becoz i am passionate about it, but because all you gotta do is interact with computers, and interact with people to fix their computer problems….

    I am, however, bold in my behaviour as I have been told…
    like, for example, we were out at a theme park and trekking in the wild recently… I was the one who would be enjoying the dangerous rides without screaming, and eyes wide open… I would be the one exploring the more difficult and dangerous paths in the trek… i would be the one up for exploring the unknown… but, you’d still wouldn’t find be talking about the adventure…. i guess i just don’t like talking….

    so, my question again, Will it work for Naturally Introvert Guys like me, who just can’t figure out what to talk ?

    any hope ?

    • AdamGilad

      Especially for you!

      So many of the guys here are IT or tech of some kind. You guys have a natural intelligence around that stuff. My eyes glaze over there. I bring a different kind of intelligence, that’s all.

      Do the course, absolutely – and my homework for you is to talk to everyone you meet. Force yourself. Get a friend to support you. Every cashier, every toll collector, everyone – add ONE personal comment. What a beautiful color on you. You look happy today. Anything – small! You get into the habit of talking to people and then talking to a pretty girl is just habitual.

      Please believe me – this is easier than it seems. It’s just a habit like anything else.

      I once dated for about 18 months, this fantastically wealthy beautiful woman – I mean 110 foot yacht in the mediterranean kind of wealthy and we fell madly in love – both coming out of divorce.

      In many ways, we had little in common. But my son, who always sees the truth said – you know what you have in common? “You both talk to EVERYBODY!”

      We had a great time together.

      Humans really need to connect with each other.

      Having people in your life motivates you in more ways than you know. I’ll be talking about some research on this reported in the nood 59 Seconds – about behavior change. It’s important to connect all the time with people. or you drift away from your own humanity. And you own motivation to grow, change and love.

      Which means you’re basically dead.

  117. Joe R

    Hey Adam just a quick note to let you know I have absolutly enjoyed this little diddy of the Bold Teleclass. I have and will employ this in the future for my self in meeting women for involement in my buss. that other wise I would not have the nerve to say . I wish I had a Dad, brother of which I do to have taught me these things. So keep up the great work.

    Joe Rosenfield

    • AdamGilad

      Yeah – having a good father makes a world of difference. My dad gave me the “talk” after I had already discovered everything for myself but I appreciated his efforts. 🙂

  118. Robert

    I have been struggling a little with following up after my opener. Any tips on transitioning after that playful opener to keep conversation going?

    Thank you

    • AdamGilad

      we’ll have 2 or 3 classes on that as part of B Code.

    • AdamGilad

      Yeah – a lot!
      Gauge her response
      Cold read her situation
      take the question deeper
      flip the locus
      “presence” her impact on yu
      open a theoretical…

      We’ll do these in the Bold Conversation training class.

  119. Carl (UK)

    Hi Adam. I have sent you an earlier email. I live in the UK and the live Webinars/ Teleclasses are too late here for me to take part. I’d really appreciate some tips with texting, I have an on/ off relationship with a younger girl at the moment and I’d really love to be able to keep her hooked better through texting in between dates, it’s a definite weak spot for me.
    Thanks, Carl

  120. Kenneth

    I would like to know more about this Boldness Training.

  121. Kevin Xiang

    if she isn’t attracted to you in those first two seconds of pre-selection, what can you do to make her attractive

  122. Dan

    How can I be more spontaneous so I do not have to rely on lines?

    • AdamGilad

      Great question.
      I hate lines.
      We’re doing a whole training session on cold reading – but with a real twist.
      You will see how I like to do this – tease and flirt yes – but penetrate to the truth of who she is quickly.
      She will be scrambled and shocked- and involved!

  123. Andy

    very good i like it i wish to no more about boldness

  124. karreme

    with that thing arent you kinda calling her fat

  125. Jordan

    hey adam i just want to say thanks for this video you posted up. I busted out a notepad and took notes on every detail you gave!! This information is incredible and im already searching for other books you have written. I am heavily interested in purchasing this amazing program but honestly I am a college student with some crazy loans. Its a rough time for sure but I’d hate to miss out on something so great that its life changing. Is there any other way to possibly workout a payment plan?

    Thank you,


    • AdamGilad

      Hit up – show that you’re a student – and we can get you a special low rate.


  126. Jeffrey Test

    I am interested, but I am a disabled veteran, that had a bad divorce a couple years ago. I don’t have the $297. I could and would pay, but I just don’t have the money right now. I saw you may have a discount for a challenge like me.

    I want to thank you for the few ideas. I know in my heart and mind you are right.

    Again, thank you.

    • AdamGilad

      Yes, I give a special scholarship to all veterans. Since you are disabled, and if that is still too much a burden, tell Rachel, who runs these things for me at – and we’ll figure something out.

      I hate how you guys aren’t taken care of as you should be and that even though it’s better now that it was 5 years ago, that VA is underfunded and understaffed. My grandfather fought in WWI (a sergeant – in the CAVALRY! of all things. Yeah – horses) and my dad was wounded in WWII. So I take this stuff seriously.


  127. John

    Hi Adam,
    Your words speak volumes of truth to me.
    I am 58 yrs old. About 4 years ago I got out of a 20 year sexless/loveless marriage.
    I was a complete wuss in the marriage and it took some major trauma in my life to push me to
    the internal make or break moment. I have always been a nice guy because. Being raised by my divorced mother, that is how I was taught to treat women. I am attractive, funny, and fairly outgoing.
    My friend say I appear 45.
    I have a very high sex drive for someone my age. But I was conditioned in my upbringing to have shame around my sexuality. Doing a little counseling and learned that this is a hand me down of issues my parent had.
    I am just now understanding that women enjoy sex as much as men.
    I go out dancing 3 nights a week at a club that is more my age so as not to be the creepy old guy in a club full of 25 yr olds.
    I have worked hard to overcome approach anxiety, which I had in spades, but I think I still come off as a nice guy and have trouble moving to the next level with those I meet.

    I am trying online dating. After many failed starts, I finally learned to write a profile that gets quite few positive responses from emails and even 4 to 5 hits weekly from women who want to meet me.
    However they all seem to be ether obese or older than me. My last GF was 45 and I would like to
    work in the 40 to 48 range but can’t seem to have them get past my listed age.

    So basically I have some issues in both arenas

    • AdamGilad

      Actually it sounds like you’ve come a LONG way!
      On the internal side of things- you’ve confronted your past (your dragon) and admitted what needed to change and have taken responsibility for doing so.

      That’s huge.

      You’re out and meeting women. That’s huge. By the time we finish the Approach section of BC, you will be supremely well armed to approach boldly – both directly and with some outrageous humor if you want it.

      And you’re on your way online. Yes, I always get lots of women in their 40s and even 50s who are not the most attractive, but who are smart, thoughtful and admirable in a lot of ways. They will recognize a good man when they see one. But usually the really attractive ones – you still have to write first.

      You’re on a great path!

  128. Ken

    Out of everyone out there, I think you speak to me the best – I turn 40 the day your class starts, and I’m not exactly thrilled with where I am in my life right now. I’ve always ended up with women who were beautiful, but who chose me, and I was flattered. But by letting them pick me, I wasn’t being picky about certain personality traits and shortcomings that were major red flags, because they were all so sexual and adventurous. But going forward, I want to be doing the choosing, and I have an amazing friend and entrepreneur who perfectly embodies your boldness code, almost to the letter, and his women are all smart and gorgeous, and he is the most confident guy I know. I want to be more like him, and play in his world. I think you can help me make my 40’s even better than my 30’s, where I can actually be proud of myself and show it.

    • AdamGilad

      Ssweet – sit down with him and take notes. Seriously – ask him what are his requirements for relationship? What won’t he tolerate – what does he look for. how does he set boundaries? See what he says and report back to the team here.

  129. Thank you for another informative website. Where else may just I am getting that type of info written in such a perfect approach? I have a venture that I am just now working on, and I have been on the look out for such information.

    • AdamGilad

      not sure I understand your question.

  130. ALFRED


    • AdamGilad

      I think that’s good!?
      Make time and energy!
      This is your life, brother.

  131. Eric

    Loved this!