This Weekend Will 100x Your Success With Women

Give Me One Weekend in Las Vegas
And I Will Install in Your Body, Your Words
Your Life ALL My Secrets for
Connecting Quickly and Deeply With The BEST Women

You Will Connect With Dozens of Gorgeous, Single Las Vegas Women at
Specially Chosen Locations – In Person Including Our Own Specially
Trained Helpers


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Come the Whole Weekend to Las Vegas OCTOBER 28, 29, 30!


There is ONE quality that makes the difference
between frustration and a mind-blowing, happy-women-drenched life:


If You Want To Finally Handle Any of These Challenges…

  • If you are sick of not having your choice of beautiful, high-esteem women in your life…
  • If you ever hesitate when approaching a woman in a supermarket, café, bar or online…
  • If you’ve ever wanted the SECRET TECHNIQUES to prevent a conversation from dying on the vine, leaving her staring at you like you’re an idiot while you wonder what to say next…
  • If you suspect that your body language is TURNING WOMEN OFF before you even open your mouth…
  • If you want to break out of the hamster-wheel, and learn how to ELECTRIFY women with unexpected, BOLD masculine impact…

If You Want To Connect With Dozens of Beautiful, Single, Las Vegas Women Including Our Own Beautiful Team of Highly Trained Angels At Specially Chosen Locations…

Then come to Las Vegas for an intense weekend of reframing, physical practices, accelerated learning and on-the-spot feedback “in the field” from me and our incredible Angel Team (who will give you loving, honest, actionable support).

We are Laser-focusing on One Skill:

Maximum Impact Confidence Maximum Impact Authentic Authority Maximum Impact Connectivity My commitment to you is THIS: Give me just one weekend and you will leave Las Vegas with new powerful mastery of:

  • Your natural masculine energy that genetically attracts women and how to use it.
  • Your unique qualities that attract women to YOU – and how to bring out your uniqueness rather than “fit in” – so that you INSTANTLY stand out as a man.
  • The presence and “Impact! Body Language” that makes you incredibly sexy in the moment – any moment – to a woman – and how to make that moment last.
  • How to troubleshoot an interaction to know right away what is or isn’t working and how to re-calibrate, re-adjust and re-connect.
  • How to cultivate your best “high-resonance” mental state to approach ANY woman.
  • How to physically touch a woman so that she feels comfortable and at ease with you – at once curious and “strangely” turned on.
  • The 5 key elements that make a great conversation.
  • How to know what to say when you approach even when you don’t know what to say (high impact “back pocket” conversation techniques).
  • How to share personal stories that exemplify the best of who you are and that capture her intrigue, her heart – and yes, her sexual interest.

This is How You Have Impact!

If you’re ready to impact the kind of beautiful, desirable women you’ve always wanted, then click the registration button below NOW!

In Three Days and Nights, You Will Connect With Dozens of Single, Gorgeous Las Vegas Women with a New Magnetism That Makes Attraction Easy and Effortless at Specially Chosen Locations In Person – Including Our Own Specially Trained Helpers.

Then come to Las Vegas for an intense weekend of re-framing, physical practices, accelerated learning and on-the-spot feedback “in the field” from me and our highly trained women (who will give you loving, honest, actionable support).

Do you know what the #1 Turn-on For Women for women actually is? Not money. Not sparkling blue eyes. Not a fancy car or impressive job title. Instead, it’s something they can feel right away, and grow to ADMIRE in you… The answer is…Boldness is the #1 Turn-on For Women.

Psychology Professor Richard Wiseman on “The Bravery Effect”:

“Whenever women were asked to indicate the traits that they found most desirable in friends, short-term partners and long-term partners, most placed kindness high on their shopping list. However, each and every time, it was trumped by bravery… When it comes to love, women value courage and a willingness to take risks over kindness and altruism. So instead of men making a special effort to woo women by describing their tireless work for charity, they should perhaps consider mentioning their love of skydiving, the importance of standing up for what you think is right, and following your heart no matter where it leads.”

From his book, “59 Seconds: Think a Little, Change a Lot”

You Can Get Bolder Quickly. Here’s How…

You will walk out of this intensive with the tools to naturally exude “The Bravery Effect.” She will feel it the first instant she encounters you, online or off. I will show you how to easily demonstrate with humor, humility and bold truth:


New Skill #1: BOLD MINDSET
You will gain powerful reframes on your strengths and gifts to women – which will be felt by women immediately. You will learn very specific practices to help you release any inner thoughts that sabotage you (p.s. this is ESSENTIAL for any advance or success with women)

You will learn specific conversational openings and patterns to move women into deeper, more emotionally revealing, trusting and DARING discussions. Also – essential! — you will practice and master 3 (three) specific storytelling frames — so that women instantly “get” the depth of the good man you already are.

You will be “in” your body in new ways — with refined breath, stance, and body language options for impact — so that women “feel” your solidity, vitality and confidence. I have ways to show your body language that you’ve never seen before – and will change your stature

You will have learned, practiced and mastered new “natural” approach techniques and methods that eliminate the possibility of failure (I will reframe you out of “game” and into “play”) – so that you can approach any woman any time from a more powerful and dignified “third-stage” ground.

Bold Detailed Follow Up Coaching
You will have the option of working together with the other guys and amazing and beautiful coaches afterwards – to help make sure you turn your changes into new daily habits that stick!

When You Finish This Weekend, You Will Look, Sound and Communicate Yourself With Authentic Courage, Risk-Taking, Confidence And Boldness – Free of Old Doubts, Voices, Habits and Limiting Beliefs

Together, during this Live, IN PERSON Coaching Intensive, we will…

  • Identify, review and articulate your Genuine Inner Strengths and will show you how to communicate those always – in word, body, online and in-person.

We are also going to show you how to use my secret weapon for becoming the dynamic “Emperor” of your social world with my 3 Step Impact! Social Strategy –so that you have a Killer Irresistible Presence, Reputation and gushing Funnel of women into your life.

  • How To “Flip The Power” – so that you no longer feel you are trying to “prove” anything to her – all with humor and playfulness so she feels honored as well as “little girl-sh”
  • We will show you how to adjust your body language for Maximum Confidence, Authority, Connectivity – Deep Instant Rapport and Impact!
  • We will dive deep into the feminine psychology of yearning and how to unlock it, verbally and physically – you will walk out with what will seem to women like MAGIC POWERS at Understanding Women – even better than they understand themselves.

You Will Gain Both The Power and The Daily Plan To Boldly Attract,
Connect, and Inspire The Highest Caliber Of Women

My Specific Commitment To You:

1. We are giving you specific proven “Authentic Approach and Escalation” techniques. They work. We demonstrate. You adapt to your style. The Trained “Adam’s Angels” give you Instant Feedback. You gain IMPACT SKILLS

2. We are giving you our private strategy for your new magic “Funnel” of women into your life back home

3. We will give you the most AUTHENTIC ways to communicate the good man you actually are – not some pick-up clown that you’re embarrassed about. We are men here. Not boys.

4. We will show you how to communicate quickly that you have both (1) Brass Balls and (2) a tender heart. (it’s the ultimate magic combo)


You already have a $500 gift certificate.
If you register now, you will get an additional $200 credit making your price only $297

During the Weekend:

  • We Will Clarify and Sharpen Your Impact In Every Way…
  • You Will Embody how women can FEEL your depth: they will FEEL it in your body and HEAR it in how you speak.
  • We Will Strengthen Your Physical Presence… how you stand, how you move, how you gaze right down to how you breathe.
  • You will have your at-home social life rebuilt… Re-focused, restructured, augmented and refined… assuring that you will swiftly and naturally draw the caliber of woman (or women) into your life you MOST want.
  • And Not Just Any Woman – the RIGHT woman.
  • I will get you out in the evening with our trained male and female facilitators who will give you feedback like you’ve never had before, as well as do high-level body language-work.
  • This weekend is unique in its unmatched two-tiered approach.

Yes, AND you will emerge with a personalized 180-day strategy with new techniques and new commitments — My coaches and I will stay with you if you choose, to make sure you LOCK-IN THE IMPACT! SUCCESS you have wanted and will now genuinely deserve.

Here is a brief overview of the Impact! Shifts we will be installing in you:

Creating Optimum Attraction: Inner Life, Inner Game

In this session, we will examine exactly how your mind works against you, and bring it into service to your success with women. We will reframe The Four Key Attractor Areas of your life – (1) Physical/Dynamic (2) Emotional/Connective (3) Spiritual/Archetypal (4) Masculine/Purposive — into instantly magnetic engines of dynamism, change and strength.

This is not merely theory. Together, we will create specific “edge” practices to reinforce these reframes for you for the next months. Your life will shimmer with new vitality and intrigue.

Creating Optimum State Attraction: Masculine Embodiment, Body Language, Style

This is where you turn your body language – posture, breath, touch, greetings, escalation and gaze – into a powerful attractor state. You will learn three levels of “Claim” – how to claim a woman. You will learn what you are doing wrong in your clothing that signals you don’t really have a grip on what makes you sexy.

Opening Her Heart: The Feminine Psychology of Yearning

This session gives you an in-depth look at what women are craving and yearning for beneath the banter, beneath the armor, beneath the social barriers. Drawing on the work of some of my most profound teachers, together we will review the profiles of the women you most want to meet online, and we will craft strategies to open them and win their attention, affection and intrigue. I will also have a small panel of extraordinary women (deep teachers, all, not random girls) for you to question. During lunch you will receive fun and powerful “approach” assignments among the beauties of LAS VEGAS. For the most natural and lighthearted attraction possible.

Social Hour Approach and Connect With Wingwomen

With my beautiful and brilliant wingwomen, we will hit some dayspots and nightspots, have some fun, implement what you learn about body-language and approach — and get top-quality reflection and feedback from women about your interactions. Always in a spirit of fun and learning, no judgments! No failure!

Our Unique Commitment to Your Success:

If you are COMMITTED to PERSONAL SUCCESS and SERIOUS about being a BETTER, MORE SUCCESSFUL MAN, then I will work with you to find a way to get you here and in the room. [If you are serving, or have served in the military, in honor of your service and the special burdens it has likely put on your social life, I will create a special credit to help make your training here possible. Just ask me.]

  • Bold Confidence: Welcome Party Begins
  • Crash Course on Insanely Fun and Bold Approach
  • Get Your Assignments
  • Go Out, Have Fun, Kick Ass, Collect Stories
  • Review of Previous Night’s Antics
  • Boldy CLAIM: Leading the Feminine Psychology of Yearning
  • Bold Approach Afternoon in the “Field” Exercises With Feedback
  • Bold Sexual Escalation: Raising the Heat with Text, Talk, and Touch
  • The Afternoon Approach Game Round 2
  • Dinner Together, Review and Strategy For the Night.
  • The Night of Ultimate Boldness (you will be given teammates and the boldest physical approach practices ever invented)
  • Your Bold Plan: 3 Month Practice Review and Refinement
  • Private Coaching and Work With You

Location and Special Accommodations To Be Announced in Las Vegas
(we are negotiating for lowest possible room cost at best located hotels!)

Day 1

  • 10 AM- 1 PM – Re – Visioning Your Life From Your Greatness
  • 1 PM – 3 PM — Lunch, Games and Exercises
  • 3 PM – 7 PM – Grounded Confidence
  • 8 PM – Vegas, Baby, with Adam’s Angels/Wingwomen

Day 2

  • 11:00AM -1:00PM Main Session 1
  • 1:00PM – 2:30PM: Working Lunch
  • 3:00PM – 7:00 PM: Main Session 2
  • 8:00PM – Vegas, Baby

Day 3

  • 11:00PM – 1:00 PM: Main Session 1
  • 1:00 PM – 1:30 PM: Special VIP Lunch
  • 1:30PM – 4:00PM: Main Session 2

***You must be 21 Years of Age to participate.


You already have a $500 gift certificate.
If you register now, you will get an additional $200 credit making your price only $297

Come to Las Vegas and get your Boldness Training. It is an intense training, but you will emerge with an entire new set of BOLD SKILLS that will wake up your body and your depth – and will wake women up to the most profound and unmistakable deep masculine you have ever embodied. It’s a life changer. See you in Las Vegas, Adam