This is How To Delight, Challenge, Playfully Outrage and Ultimately Inspire Women With a New, DECISIVE EDGE of BOLDNESS
Every Day
& Every Night

You Want Women To Be Wildly Attracted to You – This is How…

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There is a private “code” among elite men who are hyper-successful with women that I am going to show you in detail…

… so that women are not merely “attracted” to you, but ELECTRIFIED by your presence – and eager to be with you.

These techniques will give you the winning edge…. in cafes. In bars. In bookstores. At work. Online. In conversation. On the phone. In IMs. In texts. In bed. And most importantly — in your own head.


Girls all over me

When you cut through all the millions of books and blogs and info out there, women want the sexy edge of Boldness from you. They want it in the first moment you meet and they want it every day… and night.

Not fake confidence. Not bravado. Not canned lines. Not begging. Not self-doubt. Not a split personality but grounded, informed, honest, natural, relaxed….


With The Boldness Code Program, You Will Now Have The Decisive “Bold Edge” To Every Interaction You Have With Women

It’s crucial that you know this… it’s called “The Bravery Effect”
Boldness Is the #1 “Turn-On” For Women According To a Recent University Study.

“Whenever women were asked to indicate the traits that they found most desirable in friends, short-term partners and long-term partners, most placed kindness high on their shopping list. However, each and every time, it was trumped by bravery…

When it comes to love, women value courage and a willingness to take risks over kindness and altruism. So instead of men making a special effort to woo women by describing their tireless work for charity, they should perhaps consider mentioning their love of skydiving, the importance of standing up for what you think is right, and following your heart no matter where it leads.”

– Dr. Richard Wiseman, “59 Seconds: Think a Little, Change a Lot”

“Whenever women were asked to indicate the traits that they found most desirable in friends, short-term partners and long-term partners, most placed kindness high on their shopping list. However, each and every time, it was trumped by bravery…

When it comes to love, women value courage and a willingness to take risks over kindness and altruism. So instead of men making a special effort to woo women by describing their tireless work for charity, they should perhaps consider mentioning their love of skydiving, the importance of standing up for what you think is right, and following your heart no matter where it leads.”

– Dr. Richard Wiseman, “59 Seconds: Think a Little, Change a Lot”

For the past 3 years, I have codified exactly how to invoke this “Bravery Effect” in

  1. your body language
  2. how you approach a woman and make her desire you
  3. how to lead and direct conversation so that it grows “hot,”
  4. how to express your ambitions and your life
  5. how to touch, escalate and physically delight her

In this LIVE online training, I am going to break it all down for you – giving you essential bullet points on what to say, what to do and how to do it – so that you will embody and radiate “The Boldness Code” that women are waiting for you to show.

  • Women want you to boldly approach them — which shows them they can trust your confidence. I will show you how.
  • Women want you to take the lead — on the phone, in IMS, online, texting – so they can trust your and relax into your sense of plan or direction (even if you’re winging it!) I will show you how.
  • Women want you to boldly raise the sexual temperature so they can surrender to your trustable masculinity. I will show you how to raise the sexual temperature with grace, ease and firmness.
  • Women want you to speak (and write) with bold clarity so they can relax and follow your lead as a “real man.” I will show you how to get rid of all the signals of shyness or self-doubt in your words.
  • Women want you to BOLDLY KNOW YOURSELF – so they can trust your honesty, vulnerability and maturity – and admire you (rather than run into just another of the 98% of men who cower behind false fronts. I will show you how to reframe and redirect your self talk so you are a BEACON of honesty to women.
If You Want to Win with Women, Then Today Will Change Your Life…

Together, inside this Boldness Code Program we will:

  • Amplify Your Genuine Inner Strengths as a man and communicate them with a new BRASH and REFRESHINGLY UNABASHED directness and truth.
  • Revive Your Entire Online Dating Success and show you how to integrate your online and offline social life with my 3 Step Strategy – so that you have a killer irresistible presence, reputation, and an effortless, gushing funnel of women pouring into your days and nights
  • You Will Master “The Feminine Psychology of Yearning” and how to fire it up, verbally and physically; you will walk out with what will seem to women like magical powers of understanding women – even better than they understand themselves.

You are going to master your…

You will gain powerful reframes on your strengths and gifts to women – which will be felt by women immediately. You will learn very specific practices to help you release any inner thoughts that sabotage you (p.s. this is ESSENTIAL for any advance or success with women)

You will learn specific conversational openings and patterns to move women into deeper, more emotionally revealing, trusting and DARING discussions. Also – essential! — you will practice and master 3 (three) specific storytelling frames — so that women instantly “get” the depth of the good man you already are.

You will be “in” your body in new ways — with VISIBLY empowered breath, stance, and “body framing” designed for impact — so that women “feel” your solidity, vitality, confidence and FEARLESSNESS. You will do things with women you’ve never dared before. And they will often “get a charge” from it – and like it. A lot.

There is no one in the world better than me to bring out your natural, honed, sharpened, DARING online gambit so that women write to you FIRST – and respond when you write them. Time to put away the “white noise” profile that doesn’t shock, intrigue and provoke women into sitting up and taking notice of you. Time to meet the ADVENTUROUS women online!

I will take you beyond “canned” pick up lines that only distract depress women and show you how to playfully “outrage” them fascination with you – fast.

So that you can spot sexual interest and act on it firmly, swiftly and respectfully, ensuring the sexual THRILL that both you and her really desire

You will learn how to escalate sexuality and humor and make her day, even when she is at work or sitting in traffic

So that once you get her phone number, you can steadily embody the fantasy elements she dreams about, raise her intrigue and escalate the sexuality so that you are both excited to meet!

Learn what I mean by “24 Hour Foreplay” – how to keep things SIMMERING and WARMING – plus how to “pleasantly shock her” with directness. You will be amazed at how well these techniques work. Guaranteed.

Where I will help you WALLOP all “inadequacy frames” lingering in your mind. I will give you specific practices, “mantras” and techniques to REVERSE anything that is holding you back from busting free of enfeebling restraint. You will shimmer with dynamism – and women will feel it.

In this astonishing training, you are going to be writing these ideas down so fast, your hand will hurt (even though I’m sending you a transcript of every class). Women get b.s.ed with lame lines all day long — but THESE APPROACH OPENINGS I have tested with my guest co-conspirator up and down Sunset Boulevard and in cities across America. Women will be equally “shocked and delighted” that you DARED to say these things – of course, with a mad twinkle in your eye.
You know the truth because I shout it all the time. Women dont’ really want a “bad boy” in their lives – but they DO WANT an admirable man (that they are proud of) who has a bold “bad boy” edge (that surprises, leads and dares them into more daring adventures). In this Training, you will gain that “stealth” edge you want over other men in the room — without turning you into a jerk. You will learn The “Stealth Boldness” Technique, The “Spark Dynamism” Technique, The Ultimate “Friend Zone Blaster” Technique, The “Primal Call” Technique – yes all in under 90 minutes. Honestly, you are going into battle unequipped if you dont’ have these under your belt.
You are going to learn how to employ lightning-speed “Sexual Escalation” techniques with sharp, intuitive language tools. you will learn…

  • How to develop and display the “assumptive mindset”
  • Why the “The Antagonistic Approach” works and how to use it
  • How to model “Efficiency” for women from the moment you meet her (the James Bond effect)

How to quickly master 3 fail-proof approaches:

  • The “Piggy Back” or “Free Ride” Approach
  • The “Opposite Approach” (hilarious and deadly)
  • The “Sherlock Holmes ‘I’m Onto You’” Approach

I have never taught this one before over a Tele-Training but this is the one that will separate you out from all other men. Being 100% and Fearlessly Authentic and Fearless in how you FEEL women and how you REVEAL yourself – will mark you INSTANTLY to women as “that amazing and rare man” she’s been waiting for. It’s the secret of blending your inner “sensitive artist” with your inner “warrior.” I’ll be co-teaching this with one of my greatest teachers, a multiple black belt and spiritual warrior in the most dangerous places on Earth.
Your Body is your instant resume. Women can read how daring, how cool, how secure and how much of a sexual adventurer you are in 10 SECONDS! So you not only want to get this right – you NEED to get this right. I will run you through the don’t-show-insecurity basics then give you a condensed, no b.s. course on

  • how to enter a room
  • how to position yourself in any room
  • how to work a room
  • how to convey “hot” sexuality no matter where you are.

You know this is one of my favorite activities – meeting amazing and beautiful women online! I’m going to give you my new stripped-down, “Fast-Pass” methods to SHOCK them into being fascinated by you — and breaking through the blah blah blah of white noise that other men’s profiles torture women with. What you will get here will AMP UP your online success”including…

  • 5 Essential Ways to Assume “The Authoritative Vantage” Online – how to assure the power is on your side of the court from the first word of your profile till the last
  • 3 ways to “Snatch the Moral High Bar” from women – so that she admires your masculine strength from the start, feels “weird, tingly trust” for you, and is willingly disarmed of her #1 “weapon”
  • 3 ways to eliminate ANY “sexual turn-off” language of self-diminishment (that you don’t even know you are doing!)
  • 2 techniques to boldly call her out of her house and into a date with you – which she will appreciate!
  • How to penetrate her psyche and “mirror her heart” right from the start – so she will sense that you have SUPERPOWERS

By the time we are done with this training, you will have all the ammunition to turn your “meh” online profile into POWERHOUSE ATTRACTION, brimming with clarity, strength, fearlessness and the kind of masculine communication women crave –yet never get to enjoy — until you walk into their lives.

Make the entire digital world your bitch with this Training, which I am doing with the most Fearless Phone Casanova I know.

We will show you EXACTLY how to create an” instant fantasy experience” for her, giving her a “live” Shades of Gray sexual charge- and watch how you get invited over before you even “tell” her to unlock her door, put on something sexy and wait for you sitting in the middle of a dark room. You will also learn…

  • How to identify who is “adventurous” and who not
  • How to know immediately if she’s ready for some hot and heavy phone foreplay – and then how to give it to her like nobody ever has.
  • You will learn how to keep her so hot and bothered during and after the phone sex that she comes over the very next night… and the next one! You’ll learn
  • How to be the guy that “psychically understands” how naughty she is
  • How to lead her into her deepest sexual surrender
  • How to hold her orgasm till you tell her she’s ready to release (this one technique is worth your investment – consider the rest of the course your bonus!)
  • How to work through her nervousness about masturbating for you and how to be that guy that she feels safe with even if she just IMed you 15 minutes ago for the very first time

This is a hardcore, hard-hitting FEARLESS dive into sexual boldness and sexual leadership. Not to be missed. You WANT THESE SKILLS.

So many men and so many women quiver in fear from saying what they really want… and they live their whole lives NEVER HAVING THE SEXUAL EXPERIENCE they secretly desire. I am going to train you on some of the best methods to help women reveal and give in to their “naughty” girl side – so that they can put down that damned “50 Shades of Gray” book and start living it – with YOU. If you do this right, which you now will, your entire sexual life will change. Seriously, this is where the rubber meets the road (so to speak). You live ONCE and you should NOT go to your grave, living anything less that a SPECTACULAR EROTIC LIFE with women. This training is your pass to that life. We will get specific and we will get detailed and you will be able to use what we teach you immediately.
Women love to test you. Women NEED to test you. So they can feel safe. I, and the sexy, fireball author of a book on how to pass women’s shit tests will join me to teach you how to do this with humor, brass balls and 100% success

You’ll also receive these bonuses:

Bonus #1: What is the foundation of Boldness? The Confidence to step out of your old self. And what gives you that other than really good drugs? Confidence. As part of The Boldness Code Inner Circle, I will give you – utterly free- my entire program on how to convey confidence with women instantly, powerfully, irrevocably – even if youre not feeling it inside. It’s the ultimate fake it till you make it guide on shifting your behavior, from the inside out.

Bonus #2: I can teach you a lot. But to make sure you have everything you could ever want – plus the experience of some of the best teachers of men in the world, I’ve hand-selected the best of the best to teach you how to quickly and skillfully master the inner and outer disciplines of achieving and projecting confidence.

certificate_1 copy
Bonus #3: $500 Gift Certificate to LIVE Boldness IMPACT! Weekend Intensive Every few months we host a Boldness Code IMPACT! Weekend Intensive LIVE in fun cities, with my trained “Adam’s Angels.” With us, you will practice and MASTER bold, confident body language, approach, conversation and escalation with fantastic women – and then of course enjoy the city out on the town. You will emerge from with weekend with a new body, a new look, a new mindset, DOZENS of new techniques and a sexual confidence men spend years trying to develop.

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Bonus #4: $500 Gift Certificate to an ACI Work/Playshop With Women*** Want to meet REAL women? Women who are EAGER to meet great men? Women who are SERIOUS about doing their inner work so that they are ready and a PRIZE for a man like you? Then you NEED to come to one of my Attract-Connect-Inspire Weekend Work/Playshops with up to 100 Women attending. This is my way of getting smart, sexy men and women out from behind their computers and diving DEEP together into profound – hilarious and inspiring games and exercises. All topped off of course with our champagne parties every night. Because, dammit – this is the FUN part of life! These weekends are amazing and unlike anything else in the world. Come – and practice your best self with women who actually WANT to meet you.

You owe it to yourself to bust out and live the BOLD LIFE you really want – and not just allow yourself to fade slowly into a rote, listliss, boring, timid, unattractive life.

Order Today With Our 30-Day, Ironclad 100% Money Back Guarantee

Finally – remember – not only will EVERY TRAINING BE A TREASURE TROVE of actionable techniques and life-changing inspiration for you — I am doing something I never have before for you…

You are receiving over $4100 of value for only...

One-Time Investment of Only $197


Two Investments of Only $117

Have a question? It’s probably answered below!

Q: What is The Boldness Code and how does it work?

A: You will receive 10 trainings which will be no-holds barred, technique and practice-rich trainings on every aspect of boldness throughout any and all interactions you have with women

Q: What If I Decide I Already Know Everything You Teach?

A: Well, then you are a baller, for sure! But if you find that you are not learning enough, I more than happily will refund you your investment in this course any time in the first 30 Days. My goal is to make you a better man and I only want to get paid when I am delivering to you. Actually – when I am over-delivering. So – if are unsatisfied with your purchase at any time within 30 days, you can get a 100% refund – no questions asked. Just email and we will take care of you right away.

Q: Will the strategies work for men of any age?

A: Yes. 16. 66. Everything in between. Doesn’t matter. This is NOT pick up lines for drunk 23 year olds (though you can apply it there too. This is an utter transformation of how you interact with women – any age, anywhere.

Q: What if I’ve never had any luck with women before?

A: Then this is where your life turns around. Boldness TURNS ON women – and when you just start putting the daily techniques and practices I teach you into practice, you will see a change – not only in how women respond to you – but in how you feel about yourself.